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Mario and Rabbids join forces at last!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Switch | Genre: Turn-based Tactical Adventure

Let us tell you a very unconventional tale!
Once upon a time, there was a peaceful kingdom ruled by a pretty princess called Peach, and living in this wonderful place are the brothers Mario & Luigi, the helpful Toad, and the sweet dino-pet Yoshi, which is also the swiftest means of transportation. But you know, there’s no story without a villain, and Bowser is the most dangerous dragon of the whole kingdom, he hates Mario, and he’s always plotting ways to kidnap the Princess, to rule over the entire world…but what if a normal day all is changes? What would happens if a mysterious vortex would bring on this quite land some of the most uncontrollable and completely psychotic bunnies?? It’s time to discover it with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Switch!

Two of the most beloved IPs of the game industry meet for the first time. They’re a part of many people's childhood memories. While the younger generations may know them through the recent releases on Nintendo 3DS the older gamers may have played them on the Wii. Now that our childhood memory is revived by Nintendo and Ubisoft, it’s time gather your kids, siblings, and parents around, to play with the most cheerful strategy adventure for all!

Praised by Miyamoto-san during the last edition of the E3, this game is provided with a glossy and colorful art style that let change the Mushroom Kingdom into a theme park for Mario, Luigi, and all the other iconic characters. This turn-based strategy game consisting mainly of two phases: combat and tactical one. Choosing your favorite team of three characters you must restore the lost order in the two collided worlds. With the aid of unique abilities, unexpected weapons, and your tactical skills, you’ll travel through 4 original worlds to [re]set things right! Use teamwork, coordinate funny attacks, and provide cover for one another using weapons, gadgets, and abilities savvy. This game is very good alone, but incredibly fun with friends!

Join the team, meet familiar characters, and fight new enemies in this new and original game packed with loads of humor!

Nintendo eShop Card 10 USD | USA Account
US$ 11.49 24h
Nintendo eShop Card 20 USD | USA Account
US$ 21.49 24h
Nintendo eShop Card 35 USD | USA Account
US$ 36.49 24h
Nintendo eShop Card 50 USD | USA Account
US$ 49.99 24h
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Nintendo™ Switch, JPN)US$ 55.99 pre
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Nintendo™ Switch, US)US$ 59.99 24h
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Nintendo™ Switch, EUR)US$ 51.99 24h
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (English & Chinese Subs) (Nintendo™ Switch, ASIA)US$ 49.99 24h
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Nintendo™ Switch, Australia)US$ 59.99 1w
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle [Collector's Edition] (English) (Nintendo™ Switch, ASIA) sold

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