Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Original Soundtrack

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

02 Accelerator Neon
03 What Was Lost
04 Detectives' Theme (Night in the K
05 Talk Circle
06 Unbelievable
07 Q The Surreal
08 Fear Pit
09 escape from q
10 The End of Fun! Fun! Fun?
11 Vanishing Beat
12 Come Forth! Mystery Labyrinth!
13 Off Course Capital
14 Mystery/Solution/Myself
15 Are You Ready to Give Your Life?
16 Reasoning Death Match
17 High Society City
18 Stairway to the Labyrinth
19 smoke on the Life.
20 Super Q Time
21 La Cueave
22 Sunny in Ichigeki
23 Jingle: Shinigami Puzzle
24 Shinigami Puzzle
25 Q Disappears
26 It's a Thriller Day

01 One Step for Kanai Ward
02 Detectives' Theme
03 Exotic Nation
04 Divine Conspiracy (TEN)
05 Umbrella Market
07 More Disturbing Than Unsettling
08 Nocturnal Detective Agency
09 Tremolo Horizon
10 Breaking Noir
11 Mystery Parade
12 escape from qqqqqqqqq
13 The Truth in a Grain of Sand
14 Off Course Amble
15 And Q Disappears
16 GOD Shinigami
17 Deduction Denouement the Q
18 Deduction Denouement the A
19 Heart Catch! Convict! Convict!

01 RAIN CODE -pouring rain-
02 Swing Like a Pendulum
03 Under the Society
04 Castle of the Black Lilies
05 "Disguise" Forte
06 Noi! Noi!
07 Nocturne in E-flat Major Frédéric Chopin Op.9,No.2
08 Moonlight Sonata L. van Beethoven Op.27-2 1st Movement
09 Moonlight Sonata L. van Beethoven Op.27-2 3rd Movement
10 Re: Tremolo Horizon
11 Mystery Mystery Parade
12 Q Time
13 Reasoning Death Match (Rock U)
14 Divine Conspiracy (AMA)
15 Hi! Society City
16 Bomb Defusal Title
17 Bomb Defusal Game
18 Explosion of the World Detective Organization
19 Haunted Village
20 It's Really Bad!
21 zitto & rumoroso
22 Homunculus

01 RAIN CODE -sudden downpour of rain-
02 Breaking Noir (Sudden Rain)
03 Meat Bun Factory
04 Sunny Kanai Ward
05 Melancholy - And...
06 Off Course Sprint
07 Super Q Time (Sudden Rain)
08 Final Mystery Labyrinth
09 Super Q Time.
10 Reasoning Death Match (U&Me)
11 Final Destination
12 [Monologue]
13 rainy after rain. -WDO Session-
14 Melancholy - Tonight
15 Another City
16 drizzling rain epilogue
17 Melancholy - Endless
18 Jingle: Chapter Title
19 Jingle: Chapter End
20 Jingle: Figure Acquired
21 Jingle: Chapter Yakou End
22 Jingle: Start Bomb Defusal
23 Jingle: Bomb Defusal Success
24 Jingle: Bomb Defusal Miss
25 Jingle: Investigation Start
26 Jingle: Investigation End
27 Meat Bun Ama-Pal
28 Jingle: Get Item
29 Jingle: Ama-Pal Operation Puzzle Clear
30 Jingle: Shinigami Pose
31 Jingle: Answer
32 Jingle: Locked Room Recreation Start
33 Jingle: Locked Room Recreation Complete
34 Jingle: QTE Problem Statement
35 Jingle: Deduction Denouement Title

Item Description

The long-awaited original soundtrack of "Master Detective Archives: Raincode", the latest work by Spike Chunsoft and Kazutaka Kodaka, creators of the "Danganronpa" series, is finally here!
This is a CD that lets you relive the world of dark fantasy detective action through music.
Under the full supervision of sound producer Masashi Takada, the world of Raincode is brought to life as music. This is truly a must-have collection item for fans.
A 4-CD set with 102 tracks in total, containing music for every moment in the game!
It is a truly moving album dedicated to game fans, music fans, and all those who love dark fantasy. Immerse yourself in the world of Raincode and set off on a new adventure with music!


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