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Mazinger Z: Infinity Majin Densetsu No Sho

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- Theatrical movie released on January 13 [Mazinger Z / INFINITY] of the movie is a masterpiece that revived the hit animation [Mazinger Z] of the 1970s with the current state-of-the-art technology.

- Besides, the story is not a remake, but the content most desired by the fans called [Mazinger Z] sequel.

- Of course, the story and directing are contemporary flavors suitable for 2017, and the image quality is also the highest grade level that toe has shown the total strength, which is the origin of Japanese animation.

- This book is a set of books that you can fully enjoy the charm of theater version Mazinger Z / INFINITY, such as setting drafts, story guide, course explanation of Mazinger work, production staff interview, related item introduction & developer interview is.

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