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Mega Man Legacy Collection US w/ Gold Mega Man amiibo~

Nintendo 3DS [One of the best platform action games ever] Release: Feb 23, 2016

As legacy collections go, this physical compilation is a celebration of Mega Man's 8-bit past; with faithful reproductions of the original games, this is wonderful way for fans to revisit the adventures of the Blue Bomber, as well as introduce newcomers to why the Mega Man series represents one of the best platformers experiences ever.

As well, in addition to the 6 games, the addition of Museum Mode and Challenge Mode adds more to the journey back; Museum mode contains a comprehensive compendium of history, with original concept pieces, high-res art, and more! Challenge Mode remixes certain gameplay segments in conjunction with scaled difficulty lending to that extra challenge which still holds true to today.

Exclusive to this US Collector's Edition is a Mega Man with a gold colorway; use the original Mega Man amiibo or this gold one to unlock 11 3DS exclusive challenges!

Mega Man Legacy Collection (Collector's Edition) (Nintendo 3DS™, US)  sold

For an alternative to the US version, Japan gives reason once again to those who import: this limited run physical collection of Mega Man 1-6 for the 3DS will be getting it's own e-Capcom Limited Edition, and for fans of the almighty Blue Bomber, it's definitely something worth checking out.

While both the standard and limited copies contain two 3DS home themes, for the LE, inside is a 2016 notebook featuring all the Robot Masters, a sticky note set topped with Mega Man and Rush, and a Dr. Wily, E-capsule, and Met bookmarks! Just look at this glorious collection - so good.... so good....

Rockman Classics Collection [e-capcom Limited Edition] (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN)  sold
Rockman Classics Collection (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN) US$ 32.99 24h

And since we're talking about Mega Man, we have an items that all Mega-collecters might be interested in - the ultra adorable Mega Man Nendoroid!

What Mega Man Looks Like After Defeating Chibi Man - Nendoroid 556!

Nendoroid No. 556: Mega Man (JPN)  sold

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