06. Apr, 2016 17:01 (HKT)

Mega Man Legends 2 Is Finally Out On PSN~

Amongst the list of great games featured on the US PlayStation Store this month, the one title that really catches our eye is the release of the PSOne classic: Mega Man Legends 2 for the PlayStation 3!

For many Mega Man fans, Legends 2 eliicits a mixture of feelings; aside from being a fantastic game in it's own right, it's the last one of the Legend spin off series to exist, as the follow up, Mega Man Legends 3 never made it out due to political reasons between Capcom and Inafune, head of Mega Man at the time. However painful, it's nice to see this classic game out on the PS Store, and if you haven't played it before, it's currently $9.99 and totally worth it.

Following the events of Mega Man Legends, this action adventure game is a 3D take on the traditional 2D Mega Man experience; characters are fully voiced and realized. With a alternate take on the relationship of Mega Man and Roll as they journey as Diggers - specialist who delve deep into ancient labyrinths filled with Reavers, malevolent robots who protect secrets from the past - players will embark on a story filled with emotion, humor, action, and even suspense. In many cases, this title reflects a sort of golden age for Capcom, and to this day, the polish this game has still stands. 

Not only are the missions action packed, there's also a wealth of minigames, customization, and side quests; there's also a fantastic side cast featuring Tron Bonne and her Servbots (their performance was so good in MML2 that it even lead to their own spin-off title: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne - another awesome game).

We highly recommend this game, even if it's your first Mega Man game; when you're done with this, you'll understand why there are still so many fans petitioning Capcom for Mega Man Legends 3 - us included! #LEGENDSNEVERDIE
PSN Card 10 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US)US$ 11.9924h
PSN Card 20 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US)US$ 21.9924h
PSN Card 50 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US)US$ 49.9924h

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