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Mega Mecha Monday: Lost Planet 2 Vital Suits, Revoltech Getter Robo Go and Eva Type 02 The Beast

Bipedal Vital Suits (VS) are the strongest and most interesting weapons in the Lost Planet world. In Lost Planet 2, there are even more varieties, and Capcom and Kotobukiya are going to bring you two of them. Each VS is available in two color options, get the one that fits your mission.

The PTX-140R Hardballer is a redesigned version of the old Hardballer. With simpler components, the VS becomes lighter and faster and more suited for combat.

The VS itself has a machine gun on him, so shower the Akrid with your bullets. Besides that, for more fire power, the package comes with a rocket launcher and a Laser rifle.

The Drio SR is even more lightweight than the redesigned Hardballer, for this VS is one of the first to be designed for aerial combat. The multi-jointed body of the VS allows the pilot to attach all GTT-01's weapons to it, depending on the situation, you might want to attach the Gatling gun.

The Vital Suits feature complicated structures and ball joints so you can customize them for all sorts of poses. The HardBallers and the Drio SR are available today:

Lost Planet 2 1/35 Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure: GTF-11 DrioJPN N/Asold
Lost Planet 2 1/35 Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure: GTF-11SR Drio SRJPN N/Asold
Lost Planet 2 1/35 Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure: PTX-140 Hardballer Early ModelJPN N/Asold
Lost Planet 2 1/35 Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure: PTX-140R HardballerJPN N/Asold

Getter Robo Go is a sequel to the Getter Robo and is super popular in the manga and toy collector world. The complex and evolving designs capture the hearts of many fans. Sculpted loyally according to the film, Revoltech brings you the Getter Robo, both the old version and the new version in one package.

The box comes with a huge variety of parts. Head parts from both old and new series are included, switch them around when you display them. The figure consist of 13 points of articulation and the body is made of soft PVC so you can recreate some bold, and precarious poses.

Attach weapons to the figure, there is a huge sword, a tomahawk, plasma knife and canon. Attach the knife to the hand, put the projectile into the canon and load your rocket. With a W shape joint at its back, you can recreate the flying poses.

Prop him up on the stand and place him in your display shelf with your other Getter Robots. The blue Getter Robo Go is available today:

Revoltech Series No. 089 - Getter Robo Go Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Getter GoJPN N/Asold

Evangelion is a true bio weapon, see the beastly side of Asuka's Eva 02. Once the pilot loses control this is what the mecha will turn into: claws, sharp teeth and pure horror. 3 of the 12 joints are long 8 mm joints, these allow you to twist Eva 02 into all the gnarled poses you've seen in the latest Evangelion movie.

Attach the effect parts to the figure to amp up the horror, you can display the Eva with blood spurting out of the neck and arms. For a more realistic scene, put the broken AT field and the slashing effect parts on the figure.

No Evangelion collection is complete without this facet of the weapon. The Beast version of Eva 02 is available today:

Revoltech Series No. 090 - Rebuild of Evangelion Pre-Painted PVC Figure: EVA Type-02 The BeastJPN N/Asold


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