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Melt Bitter [Limited Release] (7 inch Vinyl)

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track listing

1. melt bitter
2. ひまわり


"Satomoka" called "Yuming" of the new generation.This time, a milky and slightly bitter love poem collection.

Delicate but bold, humorous but not sweet, his talent with good popness that tickles the artistic spirit. When it appeared, it was called the new generation YUMING, and when it attracted attention at once with the 2018 1st Full Album "Lukewarm". He has gained support from various artists such as Kid Fresino, Neko Saito, and Chokkaku Shibuya.
The lead song "melt bitter" is made in the image of a sequel to the previous work "melt summer" and arranged in the first band formation.

From a dreamy world view to a more realistic and emotional work, a groovy sound. The unique and realistic lyrics and powerful singing are cathartic, giving a glimpse of the new frontiers of Moka Sato. Her warm M2 "Sunflower", which welcomed ESME MORI as an arranger and sang the love of mother and child, is a video advertisement of Kao "New Beads".
Selected as a tie-up song for "Beloved 6500 Days", it has been played more than 1 million times.

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