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Memento Mori Lament Collection Vol.1

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  • 6 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1
1. Anemone (Lament Collection Ver.)
2. Fly Away
3. Boku wa boku demo boku janai kamo
4. Takaramono wa hitotsu dake areba ii
5. Uragirimono
6. Massugu
7. Monochrome
8. Mahiru, sora ni Orion
9. Kimi e no kaerimichi
10. believe
11. Sayonara
12. Etoile
13. Call My Name

Disc 2
1. Kodō futatsu naru mae ni
2. Yuriazami
3. Sekaijū no suteki wo
4. Konwaku-boshi ryokō
5. Nakushi-mono
6. Poco・a・Poco
7. Toki no hazamani ruten suru makaron※D=(ichigo/3)px^2 no jōtai wo sasu
8. Makkakka
9. 12-ji no kane ga naru
10. Tasogare no odoriba
11. Ash Pile
12. Liar’s Lie
13. Kasa wa sasanakute mo ii

Disc 3
1. Tsuno
2. Dotō
3. Hana no ato
4. Kagaribi
5. Falling Down
6. drowsiness
8. Clockwise
9. Tabibito e
10. Fine Day
11. Utakata
12. Never Ends
13. Asking for the Moon

Disc 4
1. Anemone (Lament Collection English Ver.)
2. Fly Away (English Ver.)
3. I Am What I Am, Or Maybe I’m Not (English Ver.)
4. My Treasure (English Ver.)
5. Backstabber (English Ver.)
6. Straight Ahead (English Ver.)
7. Monochrome (English Ver.)
8. Orion Shining Above the Skies at Noon (English Ver.)
9. The Road Home to You (English Ver.)
10. Believe (English Ver.)
11. See You Again (English Ver.)
12. Etoile (English Ver.)
13. Call My Name (English Ver.)

Disc 5
1. Before Our Heartbeats Intertwine (English Ver.)
2. Liatris (English Ver.)
3. To the Most Beautiful Miracle of All (English Ver.)
4. Trip on Planet Confuzzled (English Ver.)
5. Lost (English Ver.)
6. Poco A Poco (English Ver.)
7. The Time-Travelling※ Macaron ※D=(Strawberry/3)px^2 (English Ver.)
8. My Favorite Red (English Ver.)
9. The Clock Strikes 12 (English Ver.)
10. Dancing in the Dusk (English Ver.)
11. Ash Pile (English Ver.)
12. Liar’s Lie (English Ver.)
13. Let Me Sing in the Rain (English Ver.)

Disc 6
1. Horns (English Ver.)
2. Rage (English Ver.)
3. Traces of Flowers (English Ver.)
4. Balefire (English Ver.)
5. Falling Down (English Ver.)
6. Drowsiness (English Ver.)
7. Crying Blue (English Ver.)
8. Clockwise (English Ver.)
9. The Traveler (English Ver.)
10. Fine Day (English Ver.)
11. Bubbles (English Ver.)
12. Never Ends (English Ver.)
13. Asking for the Moon (English Ver.)


The first music album for the game "Memento Mori" released in October 2022 is now on sale!

"Memento Mori" is an RPG with a unique worldview designed with a watercolor touch based on the theme of "witch hunting." Each character in "Memento Mori" has its own song.
This album is a large volume of 78 songs on 6 discs, including both Japanese and English sung versions. One character trading card will be randomly selected from a total of 38 types, and a sticker of Memento Mori's mascot character "Tokeneko" will be enclosed.


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