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Miku Kuwajima 1st Photo Book

Version: Japan
Not yet published or released. Expected to ship: Jun 10, 2024
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Language  Japanese
Miku Kuwajima 1st Photo Book
Miku Kuwajima 1st Photo Book
Miku Kuwajima 1st Photo Book

Item Description

The 1st photo book of Miku Kuwajima, an actress and talent who quickly gained attention as the "short-cut beautiful girl of the new era", is finally on sale!

Miku Kuwajima, an actress and talent, showed off her first gravure photo in Young Magazine in 2022 and quickly gained attention as a "new era short-cut beautiful girl. " Her 1st photobook, which has now become a supernova who graces the covers of numerous magazines, is finally on sale!
This film was shot over five days in Cairns, Australia, where she visited for the first time.
The 19-year-old who looks best in the sun in Japan's beautiful nature is packed full of her fresh and fresh appearance. Her charm point is her sunny smile, and a new side of her that we have never seen before.
This is a must-see book that is filled with all the ``now'' of Umizora-chan, a beautiful girl with only possibilities!