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Mizoguchi Tetsuya - Child of Eden, Ys Seven US version, Dungeon Raiders & more! - in New Games available for Preorder!!

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The computer system Eden is a collection of everybody's memories and the key to the completion of Project Lumi. Everything was smooth until the last instant, a virus invaded the the project and is threatening eat up everybody's hard work.

You are entrusted with the mission to kill off the virus, so come pick up your guns and cannons and fly off. The stunning visuals, sound effects and music will take you to the unique Mizoguchi sci-fi world. And the easy-to-learn controls will allow even the beginner shooters the ticket to some mind blowing action.

Children of Eden will come in March 2011 on the most powerful of home consoles:

Child of EdenUS US$ 52.99

Child of EdenUS US$ 17.99

Ys is one of Falcom's most popular fantasy RPGs. The action element in the first installment sets up a new standard for the genre. Become Adol and bring Dogi along on your adventures on the Altago continent, where colossal beasts and mechanic monsters roam.

The new tag system allows you to switch between characters, Dogi and Adol are good for fighting different enemies, get used to this system for an extra edge of the super challenging enemies.

Beautiful and imaginative, Ys is one of the most fun JRPG in the market. Ys Seven is in its localization process now and will be available in August. The Limited Edition will come with a soundtrack, an artbook and a cloth map that features all the places you have, or will visit in the Ys series.

Ys SevenUS N/A
Ys Seven (Limited Edition)US N/A

Dungeon Raiders is a humorous RPG where you lead a team of unlikely heroes into all sorts of worlds to save your friend from his father. You'd go to exotic places such as Egypt and even to hell, and to solve the riddles and complete tasks, you need all your Nintendo DS's functions.

Develop your characters and teach them skills as you move through the game, there are all sorts of powerful spells such as Telekinesis and Splitting and even crazy ones such as Speed Fart. And you need all of them to stop your friend from being forced to become the next demon king.

Dungeon Raiders will come in July, so be ready for some real summer fun:

Dungeon RaidersUS US$ 20.99

Xbox360™ Pre-Orders (3)

Madden NFL 11ASIAAug 10, 2010N/A
Mafia IIASIASep 03, 2010N/A
Child of EdenUSJun 14, 2011US$ 52.99


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PlayStation3™ Pre-Orders (3)

Madden NFL 11ASIAAug 10, 2010US$ 49.90
Mafia IIASIAAug 27, 2010N/A
Child of EdenUSSep 26, 2011US$ 17.99


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Nintendo Wii™ Pre-Orders (2)

Chuck E. Cheese's Party GamesUSJul 27, 2010US$ 19.90
Gold's Gym Dance WorkoutUSAug 20, 2010N/A


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Nintendo DS™ Pre-Orders (10)

Gensou Suikoden Tierkreis (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou: MM Town de Miracle Change (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010US$ 12.49
Love Plus (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010US$ 34.99
Nettou! Powerful Koushien (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Pen 1 Grand Prix: Penguin no Mondai Special (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010US$ 24.90
Power Pro-Kun Pocket 12 (Best Selection) <div class="ext ext_"></div>JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Tongari Boushi no Mahou no 365 Nichi (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Chuck E. Cheese's Party GamesUSJul 13, 2010N/A
Dungeon RaidersUSDec 28, 2010US$ 20.99
Florist ShopUSSep 21, 2010US$ 24.90


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Sony PSP™ Pre-Orders (9)

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles / Akumajou Dracula X Chronicle (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Genso Suikoden I&II (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Mahjong Fight Club Zenkoku Taisen Version (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010US$ 32.99
Pop'n Music Portable (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Power Pro Success Legends (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010US$ 24.90
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010US$ 24.99
Tokimeki Memorial 4 (Best Selection)JPNJul 15, 2010US$ 65.99
Ys SevenUSAug 20, 2010N/A
Ys Seven (Limited Edition)USAug 20, 2010N/A


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