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Moe Style: Gentlemen~ Moero Crystal's Details Revealed!

Gentlemen~ Time to switch from "going after panties" to "searching for bras". The upcoming entry in Compile Heart's Genkai Tokki series comes with a lot of surprises!  


PlayStation®Vita [Dungeon RPG] RELEASE: September 25, 2015 [JPN]  

Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal, a "panty-wearing, bra-seeking" dungeon RPG will be released this year by Compile Heart as a follow-up of to the previous Moero title Moero Chronicle. The producer of this installment is Norihisa Kochiwa, known for his famous Neptunia series. Compared with "seeking for panties" mission in Moero Chronicle, this time, players will have to "search for bras" in order to heal the world.  

The story starts with the appearance of the "Dimensional Chasm" in the skies when the "Bra of Everlasting Darkness" and the "Panties of Hope" were stolen. The world is on the edge of falling into the rift... it is up to Zennox, a handsome lecher known as the walking pervert who encounters 'lucky accidents' whenever around pretty girls, to rescue the world by retrieving all sorts of stolen bras.

Besides the 50 extremely beautiful monster girls in Moero Chronicle, this time, 30 new cute girls will be introduced in this installment. Newly revealed characters include Guardian Luanna and Shrine Madien Lulucie; they both have distinctive personalities - Luanna seems like pretty fastidious when it comes to the 'topic' between man and woman; and Lulucie has the charming power to be easily trusted by others. As well, it seems like each monster girl's ending will also been seen in this title.

With a new command called "Insert", this time, gamers will experience a whole new "build up, release, and insert" battle system. Besides, players are also be able to rebuke two monster girls with the new designed Double Scratch System.

Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal [Limited Edition] is also scheduled to be released alongside its regular edition; while for now, the contents included in the set have not been announced yet, keep tuned for details!

One more thing, for those who has not watched the first trailer before, you'd better check it out right now as it is really a "live-action" teaser~

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