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Monster Hunter 4G, Bullet Girls, Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko, and Alien Isolation - PRE-ORDER NEWS!

Welcome to the Pre-Order Highlights! This week we've got a raunchy Vita shooter, the almighty Monster Hunter, a new horror title for the Wii U, and the Alien game we all actually wanted. 


PlayStation®Vita [Third Person Shooter]

Tired of macho space marines in your generic third person shooter? Perhaps Bullet Girls is the answer to your anti-macho woes!

Featuring unique gameplay mechanics and and waaaaaay too much fanservice, Bullet Girls is about a group of high school girls who join the school's Ranger Club and their participation in military missions in their spare time.

Gameplay is based on offensive and defensive missions with varied objectives, taking place on different maps ranging from the schoolyard to the desert. There are a lot of weapons to choose from, and gun enthusiasts will be pleased with the options; traversal also involves many military vehicles, ranging from tanks, armoured vehicles and even helicopters!

While gameplay itself is solid, the main appeal of Bullet Girls is the clothes degradation mechanic. Battle damage reveals specific parts of the girls' clothing; this can be targeted specifically to reveal specific areas. To complement this, there are sexualized images and 39 bits of erotic acting to accentuate this stimulation. To take it one step further, interrogation mini games revolve around groping and touching the girls as well as forcibly feeding them objects such as bananas, popsicles and fish sticks. And for that extra mile of fanservice, there are over 1,600 patterns of undergarments which can be customized by the player. 

Bullet Girls is set to release August 21, 2014.

Bullet GirlsPlayStation®VitaJPN sold
Bullet Girls (Japanese)PlayStation®VitaASIA sold

Nintendo3DS™ [Action / RPG]

The amazing Monster Hunter franchise returns, and as always: bigger and better than before! Details are slowly trickling in, but we have already been teased with just enough to start really getting excited!

One Monster Hunter 4G's many improvements is the addition of monsters - adding 8 new large monsters to the roster: 7 of them being subspecies of existing monsters and 1 being a flying Wyvern. There will be 88 total monsters in the game: 22 small and 66 large. Expect to see many monsters returning to the series like Apceros, Diablos, and Hermitaur to name just  a few! 

Monster Hunter 4G will feature online multiplayer and owners of the previous title Monster Hunter 4 will be able to transfer their save files to Monster Hunter 4G! Please note that the save feature only applies to Japanese versions of the game.

Monster Hunter 4G is set to release October 11, 2014.

Monster Hunter 4GNintendo 3DSJPN US$ 34.991w
Monster Hunter 4G [e-capcom Limited Edition] Nintendo 3DSJPN sold



PlayStation®4 [FPS / Survival Horror]

Are the rumors true? Could this be the Alien game we were promised? The Alien game we deserve!? We'll just have to wait and see, but things are starting to sound preeetty good...

According to gameplay reports Alien: Isolation is largely focused on stealth mechanics, and unlike most video game adaptations of the Alien franchise Alien: Isolation features few Aliens throughout its duration requiring the player to go unnoticed in order to survive being hunted. That doesn't mean there is no shooting, you will encounter humans and androids to get your FPS fill but it should not consume the gameplay. In fact, increasing your light or sound makes it all the easier to be found. 

All that said the most exciting aspect of the game is the Alien and it's AI, and how it will track down our protagonist. Both you and the Alien will have ways to thwart each other through the non-linear level (reportedly featuring multiple exit and entry points) but the developer's goal is to make you feel like the AI is tracking you, learning from you, and toying with you. If that isn't unnerving enough, you will be unable to track the Alien's specific location and have no information at all if the Alien is not moving. 

Adding to the immersion, the game will feature no on-screen HUD forcing you to inhibit your attention while using your inventory items to gather information. The developers even go so far as to introduce a depth-of-field effect making it impossible to see the Alien's location and what is in front of you at the same time. Alien: Isolation also features a crafting system allowing the player to create weapons and tools to defend themselves. The items used for crafting appear in randomized locations throughout the levels, forcing players to explore in order to find them on each playthrough instead of memorizing their locations. 

Alien: Isolation is set to release October 07, 2014.

Alien: Isolation (Nostromo Edition)Xbox OneUS US$ 19.9924h
Alien: IsolationXbox360US US$ 24.991w
Alien: IsolationPlayStation 4US US$ 21.9924h
Alien: Isolation (Nostromo Edition)PlayStation 3US US$ 19.991w


WiiU™ [Horror]

Koei Tecmo has recently unveiled the next entry of the Fatal Frame series Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko and it is no surprise an amazing-looking horror title for the WiiU would be welcomed by fans! 

Following traditional Japanese horror tropes Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko is set in a large environment against the backdrop of a cursed lakeside manor in the mountains, where themes of water and hydrophobia will play a large role in constructing the atmosphere and storyline.

The Wii U GamePad is definitely being used in some cool new ways and Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko won't be left in the dust. The GamePad will be a part of the core game mechanics and mimic the trademark Camera Obscura, allowing players to see things that might remain unseen by the naked eye.

Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko is set to release September 27, 2014.

Zero: Nuregarasu no MikoWii UJPN US$ 69.9924h

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