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Monster Hunter Stories Famitsu Interview With Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto

Monster Hunter Stories
Nintendo 3DS [RPG] Release: JPN - October 8, 2016
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Famitsu conducted an interview with Monster Hunter Stories producer Ryozo Tsujimoto to talk about the concept of the game itself, main quests, the legnth of the game, monster breeding, amiibo (which you should look out for soon on Play-Asia.com), and more! We've taken the liberty of translating the contents for your viewing pleasure.

After 5 years the Monster Hunter RPG is becoming a reality.

Tsujimoto: During the development of each Monster Hunter game, we have always been interested in focusing on the lives of the Monsters themselves and the great thing is that we've received a lot of emails from fans who feel the same way. It was around 2010 when we finally began our concept on an RPG revolving around the Monsters themselves.

Did you consider the rider at the beginning of conception?

Tsujimoto: We always wanted the Monsters to be in the spotlight and so we decided on a Rider over a Hunter that would cooperate with the monsters. The fact that you are playing a different role and seeing the hunter world from a different aspect as you interact with a variety of monsters was a really fun idea that we wanted to implement.

Interesting, also what exactly is this "Dark Intent" that has been mentioned before?

Tsujimoto: The "Dark Intent" is a phenomenon that occurred in the Monster Hunter Stories past. It was merely a legend, but after a while people began to mysteriously disappear and once again the Dark Intent returns to the world. Due to this, the plantation began to wither and the monsters ecology changed drastically. That is the story behind the main quest but there are also going to be sub quests that we hope that will keep you entertained.

Please could you tell us more about the Successor system?

Tsujimoto: The Successor system is where you crossbreed 2 monsters in order to create some amazing abilities as their "successor". As RPGs go you can become stronger by levelling up, but you will also need the better abilities if you want to make it far. Monsters have a 3x3 slot board and when you successfully breed a monster its free slots will be filled up by abilities given down to it by its parents or even awake brand new abilities.

Each monster's slots are different applications and even the same type of monster will have different slots for example one Lioreus might have an easier way to gain certain abilities. Therefore, you can raise your own specific monsters and when you see certain abilities that you would like on your monster and you think " I want to breed a monster with that skill!!" Well, you will be able to do that too and we wanted fans to feel the excitement behind breeding your own personal monster.

Since it's a Monster Hunter game, can we assume that this game will be long in length?

Tsujimoto: We haven't done a through test play of the game, but so far we have reached at least 40 to 50 hours on the main story alone. The story is very easy to advance to various areas but you will also be able to go around gathering and spelunking. There's a lot of back and forth in the game, treading into Monsters territory and egg plucking and more which will take up a lot of your time. Not to mention the large amount of Sub Quests that you can undertake which will hopefully keep you happy and busy!

You mentioned gathering and spelunking, so will the main character be harvesting items etc to create equipment?

Tsujimoto: It is very similar to the mainline Monster Hunter series. You can create equipment from gathered items or you can buy them from various stores and even strengthen them, but that is all I am going to say for the moment lol.

I understand haha. You have previously stated that there will only be 4 weapon types. Would you mind telling us why you came to that decision?

Tsujimoto: As this is an RPG and as you know RPGs tend to have a lot of different weapon types but a lot of them tend to be similar or literally the same, due to this we decided to just focus on a lot of weapons but only from the Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Hammer and Hunter Horn types. Also your favourite weapons from the Monsters Hunter series will also make their appearance in the game!

A little off-topic, but is it true that amiibo will be compatible with Monsters Hunter Stories?

Tsujimoto: Yes, its the first time that a Monster Hunter game has been compatible with amiibos. The Rider is becoming an amiibo but will also be able to change what he rides. We have a lot planned regarding amiibos so stay tuned!

What exactly will we gain with this amiibo in game?

Tsujimoto: Well you'll gain an original companion and not just that's but you'll also be able to gain incredible things to do with the successor system. As you can see we have a lot planned already and it'll be big!

Getting away from the game itself a little, but there is also going to be a Monster Hunter Stories anime too?

Tsujimoto: Correct and it'll be shown at 8:30pm every Sunday on Fuji TV.

Fans will be able to watch the anime as they play the game won't they!

Tsujimoto: The anime does follow the games story but it will also show a lot more about certain sub characters lives that are not featured much in game.

I'm pretty sure all the fans are really looking forward to Stories!

Tsujimoto: I hope both monster Hunter veterans and RPG fans alike will both really enjoy the game and everything it has to offer!

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