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More Christmas tree decorations - Sora + Roxas plush key chains, One Piece Pirate Flag, Kirby keychain, Dragon Ball Kai Costume, Pac Man Card case

Make your Christmas tree unique, decorate it in your very own style. Straps and plush keychains are light and are perfect for the branches. Here to join the fun are Sora and Roxas, the two stars from Kingdom Hearts.

Avatar Kingdom, the new Kingdom Hearts mobile phone game might not be accessible to everyone, but the avatar characters themselves certainly are.

Looking rather like dot graphic characters, these avatars retain the special physical features of the characters and have their cuteness blown up a hundred fold.

After the set of straps, here comes the plush key chains of Sora and his Nobody Roxas. The plushes are wonderful as fashion accessories and ornaments for the home.

See how similar these two are? They could be twins. Choose your preferred avatar or better, get both.

Kingdom Hearts Avatar Key Chain Mini Plush Doll: RoxasJPN N/A sold
Kingdom Hearts Avatar Key Chain Mini Plush Doll: SoraJPN N/A sold

The Jolly Rogers logo has never had so much flavor. The One Piece pirates took the pattern and designed flags for themselves. Luffy's flag is on the logo of the show. Chopper's flag, the one with sakura petals added a layer of soft cuteness on the otherwise evil looking skull.

New designs include Sanji's and Zoro's pirate signs. Sanji, the sword master replaces the cross bones with his twin swords and his skull spots a Zoro look - the taciturn sunken eyes. Sanji the cook crosses his spoon and fork and placed a curly forelock on the skull.

Luffy has also drawn a new logo for himself, but with his messy penmanship, he managed to draw a skewered version of himself.

The keychains are available for:

Ensky One Piece Pirate Flag Reflector Key Chain: Chopper Key ChainJPN N/A sold
Ensky One Piece Pirate Flag Reflector Key Chain: Luffy Handwriting Key ChainJPN N/A sold
Ensky One Piece Pirate Flag Reflector Key Chain: Luffy Key ChainJPN N/A sold
Ensky One Piece Pirate Flag Reflector Key Chain: Sanji Key ChainJPN N/A sold
Ensky One Piece Pirate Flag Reflector Key Chain: Zoro Key ChainJPN N/A sold

Simple designs are the best. Kirby the bouncy ball dressed himself in a variety of outfits and came out as a series of key chains. Although they are tiny, the paint jobs are excellent, they bring out all the details in Kirby's accessories and clothes.

There is Kirby as himself, Kirby with a bomb, Chieftan Kirby, Cook Kirby and Sleepy Kirby. The large penguin King Dedede also makes an appearance. The Gashapon toys are shipped randomly, order a bunch and replace the traditional ornaments with them.

Kirby Star Mascot Key Chain GashaponJPN N/A sold

Prepare for your Christmas party, dress up as your favourite anime characters - The Dragon Ball cast. This series of candy toys are for cosplayers who doesn't have the time to create their own costumes. The set includes Goku's tunics, belts, wrist guards and Vegeta's armored vest in separate packages.

Yet the best part are the visors, things you cannot create with materials at home such as Vegeta's Scouter and the blow up dragon balls. All items are sold separately, you need a few packages to collect the whole outfit.

Simple ornaments and lots of fun, the Dragon Ball Costume Candy Toys are available for:

Dragon Ball Kai Saiyan Costume Candy ToyJPN N/A sold

Here is another retro game themed card case. Pac Man is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2010, and this is one of the products to jog your memory of the title. Like Space Invaders, Pac Man has become an icon in the video game industry as well as a motif in fashion garments.

Add a hint of playfulness to your stoic working life. You don't know what these blobs of colors can do daily.

The two versions are the table version, where you see the buttons beside the screen and the game version where you only see the yellow blob chasing after the dots. The two cases are of perfect sizes for your pocket.

Change a card case from time to time and refresh your image.

The card cases are available for:

Namco Classic Games Pac-Man Card Case: Game TypeJPN N/A sold
Namco Classic Games Pac-Man Card Case: Table TypeJPN N/A sold


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