Morning Musume 23 Kitagawa Rio Photobook Refreshing Season

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The last season of the shining teens. Currently, in the middle of the 25th anniversary year, Rio Kitagawa, who is a next-generation member will lead the future of Morning Musume. I will release my 4th solo photo book. This is the last work of my teenage years, and it is a special one that cuts out Kitagawa Rio with various seasonal scenery such as winter snow scenery, spring cherry blossoms, and summer Okinawa. Regarding the snow scene in particular, after finishing the previous work, I thought, “I definitely want to shoot in the snow in the next work! It was realized by the person's wish. Unlike spring, which creates a calm atmosphere, and summer, which is full of energy and excitement, the expression full of warmth in the tension is a must-see. Swimsuits, of course, yukata, one-piece, You can't miss the variety of costumes that match the scenery of the season, such as knitwear, and the rich expressiveness of her, who is gradually approaching an adult woman while retaining her girlish feeling. This is a photo book that makes you feel hope.


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