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Product Features

  • Real-Time Deforming Terrain: The terrain literally gets torn up with each passing vehicle, causing each lap to be different. Advanced particle effects cause debris and muck to “stick” to each vehicle.
  • Vehicular Combat and Damage: Destroy anything that gets in your way. Smash your opponents and view spectacular Hollywood-style crash sequences.
  • Take the Race Online: Intense head-to-head off-road racing. Challenge the competition over voice chat.
  • Amazing Gameplay Experience: State-of-the-art visuals, featuring high dynamic range lighting, motion blur and depth of fields are all displayed in glorious High-Definition (720p).
  • Player-centric Action: There’s never a dull moment, as you’re always in the thick of the action. AI opponents simulate human traits, like showing off, attacking, taunting, and doing whatever it takes to win!

Item Description

Welcome to MotorStorm™, the world’s most brutal off-road racing event where the goal is to win at all costs. Choose from seven vehicle types, from high-flying dirt bikes to powerful big rigs, and destroy anything that gets in your way in a no-holds barred sprint to the finish. Try and survive.

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Bright blue skies. White fluffy clouds. A red siltstone-filled desert. Welcome to Monument Valley. Here, road warriors of various disciplines have gathered to compete in multi-terrain race courses for a chance to live the American dream. The rules are simple. Get into one of seven vehicle types, and get dirty. Rally cars and racing trucks fight for the hard and fast lanes. MX bikes, all-terrain behicles (ATVs) and buggies, stick to higher ground. Ride the ramps. Memorise blind corners. Or lose precious lap seconds as you crash, explode, and magically reappear in the middle of the road.

You are immediately reminded of Burnout, and indeed, there are similarities. The same brand of buttery smooth, ultra-responsive steering controls. That chocolate-like taste of turbo thrusting and throttling. And they way they bind the two most important scientific discoveries of our time - Newton\'s laws of motion and Murphy\'s law of s*** happening - to deliver a smashing good time. But there are also differences.

For starters, the sense of speed is not as strong. In exchange, there is a greater emphasis on driving lines, power sliding and counter-steering. All told, the complexity here makes Burnout look like a kiddie ride in the park, albeit a rocket-propelled version. The inaugural MotorStorm could very well have been the definitive next-generation racing experience. Alas, a limited number of tracks (only eight), lack of time trials modes, and an online mode that is unaccessible to certain subscribers culminate into a mountain of missed opportunities.
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Please don\'t believe the hype
This game is a rental at best. Grphically it is amazing but the gameplay is nothing revolutionary and downloads and additional content have been in the works since before the release. Don\'t buy until you\'ve played it.
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This Is Incredible
I thought i would be weeding through language i dont understand but it is in english (only very few japanese characters).

graphics are incredible. great to get this before it came out in the states.
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Never played a funner game
This is my first game for my PS3, and man is it a great one! I have never had so much fun with a game in my life, and I\'ve been playing games for a long time. PlayAsia.com had incredible service and it came FAST. I love this game, and can\'t wait to see what else the PS3 can do in the future!
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One word... Awesome!
Just got the game and I can\'t stop playing it. This game is sooo much fun. This is also my first purchase from play-asia and all I can say is they are the best! Super fast shipping and great customer service!
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