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Move Over COD, Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign Sounds Awesome

Battlefield 1 | Release Date: October 21, 2016
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Battlefield 1 (Origin)
(Windows™, Region Free)

Electronic Arts has just released the first official cinematic trailer for Battlefield 1's Single Player campaign! The new title will introduce a new form of Single Player goodness. Dubbed "War Stories", players will be given the chance to experience different personal stories from the perspective of a variety of protagonists, all of which have unique backgrounds and skills. While the characters are at war, the stories follow the characters on a more personal level.

With this larger variety of characters and stories to delve into, the new Battlefield 1 title will give you a much more immersive feel, especially with each story being focused in on the character itself. In previous iterations of the Battlefield title, players were locked into one character, regardless of how they felt about it. In Battlefield 1, EA mixed it up by giving you different character points of views, different camera perspectives, and almost cinematic cut-scenes to make players feel and become the actual characters.

They've also changed up the single player campaign by making it a much more open playing field, and when we say that, we mean that there's a lot more options for players to take when attempting to complete objectives. Do you destroy the large field guns in the base or do you use them to wipe out your enemies? Do you use explosives to take out the enemy camp or do you silently take them out through melee assassinations? This allows users the freedom to explore and take different paths that caters to their playstyle.

Battlefield 1 looks incredibly exciting. The gameplay and graphics of it all looks amazing. Definitely looking forward to seeing how it performs when it's released.
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