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The popular game "Collar x Malice" has been made into a two-part anime movie and the
The "hidden story" that happens behind the scenes of the "X-Day Incident" is now available on Blu-ray BOX! This animated movie is an original story based on the original work.
Depicts "another incident" that occurred behind the scenes following the [X-Day incident].
An epic "if" story unique to the movie version will be released in two parts.

20XX year. A series of violent incidents by the mysterious organization [Adonis] occur one after another in the city of Shinjuku.——Commonly known as the [X-Day incident].
In Shinjuku, which has become a dangerous city, police officer [Ichika Hoshino] works hard every day to ensure the safety of the community.
One night, she is attacked by someone who puts poison on her collar.
Confused, Hoshino decides to investigate the X-Day incident on his own with men from a former police organization.
In the midst of this, a new incident involving a handgun leaked from Shinjuku Ward occurred.
An inspector was dispatched from the Metropolitan Police Department to lead the investigation.
His name is [Mitsuru Shuwa].
With various thoughts intertwined, Hoshino and his friends confront the incident, but...


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