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Murders in the Auction House: Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, Black Rock Shooter Figma Matou Koroi

A murder is waiting to be solved in the Auction House. All the detectives out there, put on your caps and pick up your pipes, as you will be sent off to a thrilling adventure on the Umineko Islands, where a golden witch is waiting to kill off everybody.

The PlayStation3 version of Umineko contains the first 4 episodes of the PC version. Although the game uses stills most of the time, characters are captured in a vast array of postures - Beatrice alone, has more than 500 graphics dedicated to her. The dialogues are fully voiced, listen to the blood curdling screams and eerie whispers.

This is an adventure novel, players cannot choose routes, they will be forced through all of the scenarios, watching the characters die again and again until either Beatrice wins through magic, or Battler wins through logic. This is a game for all horror fans with a good level of Japanese understanding and a strong stomach.

The copy of Umineko in the Auction House is Brand New. Please come to this room to bid for it.

You need to know how this story ends. Umineko Nocturne will unveil the killer:

Umineko no Naku Koro ni San: Shinjitsu to Gensou no YasoukyokuJPN N/Asold

Games from the PlayStation2 era are truly epic. Jump into the grand adventure of Romancing Saga. Eight heroes will battle the evil god that is reviving. Who the gamer chooses to be and how they travel the world will determine the outcome of the story. Play the game numerous times as different people to view all the endings.

The PlayStation2 version is a revival of the Wonder Swan Colour version. Characters can adopt many more professions and develop an even larger set of skills. The graphics are also updated from 2D sprites to full 3D so that the world seemed even more real, the scenarios more captivating and the game even more un-put-downable.

The game is in Mint Condition, although it has been opened, the outer wrappings maybe missing but the game is as good as new. Please bid for it here.

Best friends turned enemies is one of the most dramatic plot twists. Before being possessed by Black Rock Shooter, Mato is just an ordinary girl who enjoys sports and chatting with her friends on the phone. Let her dribble her basketball down the court and jump up for a slam dunk.

Unlike Black Rock Shooter, Mato is very generous with her smiles and laughs. She smiles confidently during ball games and laughs into the phone. She can even come up with all sorts of pranks to play on the figures in your collection with a mischievous expression.

The package is in Acceptable Condition. The box is crushed, however the figure is in perfect shape. Please bid for it here.


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