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Musou Stars to Have Slighlty Less Than 30 Characters From Ten IP's, Asks Feedback for Character DLC

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This week's Famitsu issue contains a pretty interesting interview about KOEI Tecmo's upcoming title Musou Stars. There are plenty of highlights such as the project starting sometime last summer, close to 30 characters from 10 different IP's joining, multiple endings and character interactions. Towards the end of the interview, KOEI wants fans to let them know which characters they want as DLC.

Check out the translated material below:

Omega Force brings a new form to the "Musou" Brand. Today we interview the Omega Force Brand Manager; Mr. Ogasahara Kenichi & Producer Furusawa Masaki. Recently, KOEI Tecmo Games announced an all-star type game applying the "Musou" game series.

When did you begin development on the game?

Ogasahara: We began development on the game last summer. As you may know, we would grab characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games and put them together with brand new characters to create the Orochi Warriors games. Well, after the release of Dynasty Warriors 8 & Samurai Warriors 4 we decided that we needed a new Orochi Warriors type game. I thought to myself "I want to evolve the franchises, I don't want to just create another Orochi Warriors game." and wanted to create something new that would surprise fans.

So after much deliberation you decided on creating “Musou Stars” further evolving the “Musou” franchise.

Furuzawa: The selling point to Orochi Warriors was seeing the characters from Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors clashing against each other. As we added characters from other KOEI Tecmo games, more and more fans became interested so we decided to create a new game on a much larger scale from more franchises.

After announcing the game I'm thinking something of this volume may be a big challenge for the development team. The game's name Musou Stars is a very straight name, isn’t it?

Ogasahara: The title may sound simple, but developing it certainly isn’t (Sarcastic Laugh). There are characters from a variety of IP's from various brands across KOEI Tecmo games such as the main team at Shibusawa Kou, Omega Force, Team NINJA, Ruby Party and Gust. Due to this, we have to sit down and talk with the General Managers of each brand talking about the game's title among a lot of other important pieces of information.

Furuzawa: The base name for the game was indeed Musou Stars, but we all thought "Hmm the name is too straight forward we need something with a great hook." We then came up with nearly 300 names until after a week we just thought we would go with the simple and straight name lol. We also added the star symbol in the center to make the title really stand out and want people to play the game.

Ogasahara: The name kind of suggests a festival which I really liked.

A Festival? Now that you mention it, the title does have that kind of atmosphere! Due to KOEI Tecmo games having a lot of characters over all IP's I assume it was very difficult in choosing which characters would make the cut?

Furuzawa: Oh it was very hard. We've put a limit on how many characters we will put into the game as we want it to be completely different to the Orochi Warriors series. Of course characters from Warriors games will make an appearance but we will also have characters from the Atelier & Haruka naru Toki no Naka de series too.

Speaking of, in an issue last year regarding a questionnaire based on "What would you like to see become a Musou game?" the Neo Romantic series Haruka naru Toki no Naka de and the Atelier series were very high on the list.

Ogasahara: We were aware of the questionnaire which helped us in adding characters to this game.
You mentioned the Shibusawa Kou brand however, so far you have not introduced any characters for the game as of yet…

Furuzawa: Ahh you've caught on to us haha.

Which characters from Shibusawa Kou IP's will you be introducing into the game?

Furuzawa: We will be announcing that in the near future, but all we can say is that we do have playable characters from the brand that will join the game's roster. However, characters from Nobunagas Ambition and Romance of the Three Kingdoms will not join the game's roster. This is mainly due to fans playing as say Oda Nobunaga and thinking "wait so is this Nobunaga from Nobunagas Ambition or from Samurai Warriors!?” and we really do not want to confuse them and so that Nobunaga Oda (and other warriors) will be from the Musou series.

I'm really curious now. Going back on track, around how many characters will be playable in the final product?

Furuzawa: Including original characters we are looking at a little under 30 characters from over 10 different IP's. Comparing at the amount of available characters in the Orochi Warriors series to this may seem disappointing, but we do have more non Musou characters joining the ranks of the game and we wanted people to play with the feeling that all characters play as new characters.

There are a lot of characters that come from a non-action game background too.

Furuzawa: We have a reason for limiting the amount of playable characters and that is to go in depth with every single character to create a unique and deep gameplay. From unique character interactions, to entertaining team ups which I feel that the fans would thoroughly enjoy.

Hearing this makes me feel that it is going to have a lot of thickness with all characters able to have interesting conversations with one another.

Furuzawa: One of the keywords for this game is "Character Interactions". For example, a talk event between Ouka & Zhao Yun will be extremely different compared to a chat between Ouka & Ryu Hayabusa. We made sure that all 30 characters will have an abundance of special chat events between each other.

Now that sounds like a lot…

Furuzawa: Honestly, I think we went a little overboard on it haha. We did this so when you play as characters that you don't know anything about, you can gain knowledge about the character through the unique chats that can be had between that character and the others. Same goes for characters you've heard of or know a little about.

If possible could you tell us a little bit about the story of the game?

Ogasahara: It's less of a linear story and more of a "Free Scenario" story. You can pick any scenario freely as you progress through it your own way. Of course the main character of said scenario as well as other characters can be changed freely.

Although a Musou game, the system for this is different from the regular Musou games, or so I've heard.

Furuzawa: As there are a lot of characters, the amount of combinations that can be had are very high, therefore, trying to see all chat events in one story play is going to be very challenging. We want people to carefully watch character events and learning information you've learned maybe changing characters to others would give off other interesting interactions/chat events. The most important part of this is also the fact the game has multiple endings so it pays to figure out what endings you'll get with what teamed characters.

Furuzawa: Talking to Omega Force about the regular “Musou” titles and we all decided that making a new system for the game would actually be a great idea. We wanted it to be the next step in a Musou game's evolution, but still feel familiar. So having multiple endings is very interesting as you would not be able to see all interactions and all endings in just one sitting and we feel that actually adds structure as well as even more excitement to this new game.

Can you tell us more about the action parts of the game?

Furuzawa: As with all previous Musou games, pressing Square and Triangle are your basic attacks that can create many different attack strings. Partner characters will support you with various types of unique attacks; for example, Zhao Yun has his "Storm Rush" and Yukimura has his "God Speed Attack" type attacks that every character can help support you with.

I see. Ahh speaking of.. characters like Arima from "Haruka naru Toki no Naka de" will have a 3D Model created for the very first time.

Furuzawa: As this is a collaboration between each of KOEI Tecmo Games' brands, once we have made the 3D Model or created the characters fighting style we gather opinions from the brand the character belongs to get feedback on what needs changing etc. It may sound very troublesome, but we do it so we can bring the highest of quality to our games.

I think people will enjoy seeing their favorite new characters in a brand new setting and what they can achieve. Have you heard from fans or from other brands about what characters they would love to see?

Ogasahara: We want to hear back from the fans and what characters they would love to see in the game via DLC. Although when it comes to DLC characters, we have to really think how they would be able to tie into the game's story and the interactions with all other characters alongside which story and ending would they most likely appear in.

If possible would you us at Famitsu to create a “What Character do you want?” questionnaire?

Ogasahara: That would be great! It is an amazing way to see what characters fans want to see added to the game and it helps us immensely!

Thank you very much! Finally do you have any comments you would like to say to the readers?

Furuzawa: We hope that you're looking forward to the game, what it'll have to offer and also we look forward to your cooperation!

Ogasahara: This is one game from Omega Forces vision of an evolution in the Musou series. We hope to overcome your expectations for the game and hope to surprise you with a game that you will hold close to your heart!

The game is 30% complete
The Questionnaire is on Famitsu.com 

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