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My Friends Tigger and Pooh: Bedtime With Pooh

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Episode Selection / 6 個故事:Pooh's Double Trouble / 維尼的煩惱Eeyore Sleeps On It / 咿啊睡著了Eeyore's Sad Day / 咿啊傷心的日子Tigger's Bedtime For Bouncer / 跳跳虎睡覺破奇案Buster's Bath / 捕快洗澡記Once in the Pooh Moon / 月光派對


Sing, laugh and snuggle up with this delightful adventure about bedtime and best friends. It's Lumpy's ver yfirst moon party, but tonight, the moon has disapeared! Join the Super Sleuths as they try to discover where the sky's biggest night-light is hiding. Of course, after the party, it's time for bed. But Tigger wants to stay up and bounce. He thinks resting is no fun at all - until there's a mystery to solve an he's so sleepy, he just can't stay awake. So brush your teeth, count those sheep, and make Bedtime With Pooh the best part of your whole day!準備好上床睡覺嗎?小熊維尼和老友記送給你最有趣的睡前故事!興奮的嘟嘟第一次參與月亮派對,可惜今晚月亮竟然不見了!超級拯救隊馬上展開追查,找出月光在夜空消失的原因,幸好派對最後仍然能夠順利進行!派對結束後,百畝林所有人都要去睡覺,只有精力充沛的跳跳虎仍然跳來跳去不肯入睡,結果在查案時不小心睡著了;最後大家都明白到只有充足睡眠,才有清晰的頭腦啊!

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