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N30 Arcade Stick

Compatible with PC, Mac™, Android™, SW
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N30 Arcade Stick


  • Support Windows, Android, macOS, Nintendo Switch
  • Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth / USB
  • 480mAh lithium-ion battery


It is an authentic arcade stick that you can enjoy the presence of the game center.The 8-way lever is a high-performance type that adopts a 35 mm lever ball that fits the palm of the hand and a mechanical switch that responds quickly to fine operations.The push button switch adopts Faston terminal equivalent to the arcade casing.Button firing function is also carried.

It does not interfere with the cable, it supports Bluetooth connection which can play away from game machine and monitor, USB connection which does not need worry of battery exhaustion.

In addition to Nintendo Switch, it corresponds to personal computers, smartphones, tablets etc equipped with OS such as Windows, Mac OSX, Android.You can enjoy action games such as hard to play with mobile terminals like a stationary game machine.We also support our product "retro freak" (USB connection), you can play with the sense of the time.


* IOS is not supported.
* Some titles and devices may not work properly.
* Applicable device · OS may be changed due to version upgrade etc. of the target device.

* Firmware update is required to use Nintendo SWITCH version 4.0.0.

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