Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind

Version: Hong Kong
DVD Region 3
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Language  Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles  Chinese, English

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Destroyed by Seven Days Of Fire, the barren Earth became home to giant insects and enormous poisonous fungi. The planet was dominated by the toxic Sea Of Corruption and the small warning kingdoms, scattered at the edges, seek to annihilate each other. The Valley Of The Wind, a kingdom of barely 500 people who lead frugal but happy lives, is protected against the poisons of the Sea by ocean breezes. However, the peace of the Valley Of The Wind is threatened by a battle for dominance over the Earth. The daughter of their ruler, Nausicaa, who can communicate with Ohm, the huge insects guarding the toxic wastelands, must race against time to stop the two sides from using the weapons of mass destruction...地球遭受嚴重破壞之後,大部份地方被大蝗蟲和巨型毒海草佔據,處處面臨死海及邊緣的各個城邦,為求稱霸戰爭不斷。僅餘"風之谷"一地受到海風庇護,人民過著簡樸美滿的生活。但受到外圍戰事波及,風之谷亦難幸免。城主之女娜烏西卡在此危急之際,憑獨有能感應大蝗蟲的能力,爭分奪秒以阻止兩大勢力用滅絕武器互相廝殺...究竟人類滅絕危機最終能否平息呢?

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