25. Mar, 2003 16:17 (HKT)

Need help playing Final Fantasy X-2? Try The Unofficial FFX-2 Translation Site

Since release around 2 weeks ago, Square has shipped almost 2 Million copies of their latest RPG mega seller Final Fantasy X-2 in Japan. Especially since the PlayStation™ version of Final Fantasy VII, the series gained very big popularity outside of its mother land and many fans are awaiting a domestic release in the US and Europe now. The real hardcorde fans though, have of course already imported the Japanese version (from us) since they cannot wait and fear that certain flair gets lost during translation into English.

Unfortunately Square (once again) did not publish their latest title with any English subtitles, so Final Fantasy X-2 isn't playable very easily without some basic Japanese knowledge; not to forget about missing the complete story line itself of course.

However, just like for Final Fantasy X already, some fans are working on a full translation of the title and have published those online on their Unofficial FFX-2 Translation Site. The page is still about to be completed but once done, offers full story line translations (which is indeed VERY great), next to game play translations (such as items, characters, accessories, etc) which makes import gaming of FFX-2 much easier.

For everyone who is stuck at the game, already got through it but still likes to re-read the storyline or still has doubt about whether to purchase the import or not should have a look here. And of course Final Fantasy X-2 is still on sale at Play-Asia.com for US$ 59.00. A big thanks to Seph (the author of the page) and of course to Square for this wonderful RPG.


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