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Neko Atsume earphone jack or decoration? You decide!

Manufacturer: Bandai | Release: July 2016

Cats. Cats are everywhere. Lazy cat, funny cat, silly cat, always sleeping cat, you name it. That's exactly what Neko Atsume is about! Well, kind of.  If you're not familiar with Neko Atsume, it's a mobile game where you place playthings and snacks in your yard and just wait for the cats to come! Of course, you can keep the cat too! This popular kitty collection mobile game available on iOS and Android platforms Neko Atsume has over 7 million downloads since its' launch in October 2014.

These cats are just purely evil adorable and they will be sure to bring you a smile over the silly things they do. But now, you can even have them hanging onto your phone from the earphone jack while you play Neko Atsume! If you don't feel like bringing them out of your home in fear they run away, they come with an accessory that you can keep and display them at home. There are total of 6 different cat that you can collect from this random capsule ball.

The line-up of cats (and accessory) from this capsule:
  • Mugiwara-san (Princess) & House Deluxe
  • Cream-san (Peaches) & House Deluxe
  • Shirokiji-san (Breezy) & Burger Cushion
  • Shironeko-san (Snowball) & Burger Cushion
  • Kutsushita-san (Socks) & Watermelon Ball & Stump
  • Point-san (Marshmellow) & Kick Toy (Mouse) & Stump
Their face... how is it even possbile to resist it?!
Neko Atsume: Double Jack de Neko Atsume (Random Single) (JPN)  sold

We've actually been offering Neko Atsume merchandise for quite a while so everyone can show off their favorite cat! We have a big kitty collection here at Play-Asia.com but just as a tip of the iceberg...
Neko Atsume Rubber Strap Ver. 2: Cream-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Rubber Strap Ver. 2: Mike-san / Keitodama (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Rubber Strap Ver. 2: Cafe-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Mascot with Cleaner: Shirosaba-san (JPN)sold

Neko Atsume Memo Garden (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Diecut Melamine Tray: Cream-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Rubber Clip Ver. 2: Bistro-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume: Tsukue no Ue de Neko Atsume 2 (Random Single) (JPN)sold

Neko Atsume Face Type Tissue Case Cover: Odd-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Rubber Strap Ver. 3: Koikoi-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Rubber Strap Ver. 3: Kijitora-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Rubber Strap Ver. 3: Tobimike-san Cake Box (JPN)sold

Neko Atsume Narikiri Cap: Cream-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Narikiri Cap: Odd-san (JPN)US$ 14.991w
Neko Atsume Mascot with Cleaner: Ver. 2 Point-san (JPN)sold
Neko Atsume Mascot with Cleaner: Ver. 2 Kutsushita-san (JPN)sold

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