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Nendoroid Summer Snow: Nendoroid Snow Miku, Nendoroid Akiyama Mio & Tainaka Ritsu Set, APB (DVD-ROM), Mario Trump Playing Cards & more!

The majority of people are probably baking under the summer heat now. How we long to have ice and snow that don't melt. Today, we received such an ice statue from Nendoroid. Cool and crystalline, Snow Miku brings the sparkles and the snow flakes with her. We still have a very limited number of her figures not presold yet, but they'll be gone if you don't grab her soon!

Last year, in the Sapporo Snow Festival, an ice statue of Miku was made. To celebrate her completion, Good Smile released this crystalline, Chibi-fied version of her.

Her package comes with her smile, singing expression and the dotty eyed Hatchune Miku face parts and an icy leek. You can also change her right arm, hand and feet parts for more poses.

For the first time in Nendoroid history, figure makers used semi opaque materials. The white and blue, semi-transparent plastic at the tips of her hair brings out the clean, purity of snow, and showed the small details such as the snow flakes embedded in her hair.

The festival is over, but the fun continues well into summer. Miku will never melt and stay forever cool:

Nendoroid No. 097 Vocaloid: Snow MikuJPN N/Asold

Let's move from the ice cold to the red hot! The K-On! girls are having another show. The first two to come on stage are Mio and Ritsu, the bassist and the drummer. You've seen them in their school uniforms, now they are going to live Sawako-chan sensei's fantasy - as a maid and a Gothic Lolita respectively.

The two come with their respective instruments and a stand that is constructed to look like the flooring of their stage in the school hall. Each of the characters have two face parts and numerous arm parts. You can change them around and have them perform comic skits.

The comic duo, or Sakura high's Romeo and Juliette, have arrived:

Nendoroid K-ON!: Akiyama Mio & Tainaka Ritsu SetJPN N/Asold

This is a game where Mario is King and Cooper is Joker. The three sets of Super Mario Brothers trump cards feature everybody's favorite characters. A star, a mushroom or a mini cooper sit on every card, waiting for you to deal them. Find out who's queen and who's jack and play poker the happy way.

Mario has gone through numerous generations, from the dot graphic era to the color 2D to the rounded 3D version today. Each of these packs of cards features characters in a certain style. The Standard Version is printed with the color 2D characters, the Dot Version has dot graphic era art and the Neo Version shows your favorite cast in the most modern way.

Long train rides and bus journeys need to be filled with empty chatter any more, play trump cards with Super Mario and friends:

Mario Trump Playing Cards - Dot VersionJPN N/Asold
Mario Trump Playing Cards - Neo VersionJPN N/Asold
Mario Trump Playing Cards - Standard VersionJPN N/Asold

From the publisher: APB blends fast-paced third-person action, deep customization, and meaningful achievement to create a unique Persistent Online Multiplayer experience.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, APB creates a “living, breathing” city where players clash - on foot and in vehicles - to determine the future of fictional metropolis San Paro.

Enforcers and Criminals continually vie for control – each player chooses a side, then takes on progressively complex missions to earn experience, build a squad and earn city-wide notoriety.

APB is a ground-breaking online game from Dave Jones, the creator of GTA and Realtime Worlds, developers of award-winning Xbox360 title Crackdown.

Horse power and fire power, you get them all in APB. The game is currently available on the PC:

APB (DVD-ROM)US US$ 54.905-15d

Tomoe, the serene priestess from the super sexy fighting anime - Queen's Blade is here to show you her true power and her true beauty. Bending backwards, she is about to deal her killing blow, even in the heat of battle, the priestess remains cool and calm.

As one of the more fully clothed girls competing for the throne, Tomoe has her fan service moments as well. You can remove items of her clothing if you want to admire the sculpt of her body and the rich, accurate skin tones.

The extra large figure of Tomoe is available at a lower price today:

Queens Blade TFC Non Scale Pre-Painted Statue: TomoeJPN N/Asold

Also available today:

Nintendo™ Wii
Fighting Stick N/Asold

Game Guide
Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn Fureimuranburu XX GuidebookJPN US$ 21.905-15d


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