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Never Ending Story: Agarest Senki 2, Criminal Girls, Tataite Hazumu: Smash Ball Plus, Gekiatsu!!, Assassin The Brotherhood, Dance Central, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit & more! - in Weekly Games Update!

Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days. Get involved in truly epic adventures, Agarest Senki 2 sends you to a war that you need to fight for two generations. Also, lead a group of girls from hell in Criminal Girls, they may have deserved what they got, but they certainly are trying to rise above themselves.

Battle the darkness, save your land and find your soul mate in Agarest Senki 2. Like the previous installments, this game features a story arc that spans over two generations. You play the first generation as Vice, an amnesiac murderer; you have killed a god. To revive the him, you have to travel the land with the three heroines and choose one of them to "soul-plete".

The higher the love-rate the ladies have toward you, the more chances you have in creating an heir: the second hero in the game. As Shubarutsu, you'll find out all Vice's missing memories.

The battle system gets an upgrade, there are more killing moves, and the graphical effects of them are even more extravagant. There are no more difficult button sequences, so even novice need no time to become a hero.

The Limited Edition comes with a DVD with exclusive content - such as wallpapers and soundtracks, a beautifully illustrated cleaning cloth and a 40 page information booklet:

Agarest Senki 2JPN US$ 54.991w
Agarest Senki 2ASIA N/Asold
Agarest Senki 2 [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold

Meet the criminal girls in hell and bring them back to life. As their coach, you have to devise battle strategies when you pit them against the enemies in the deep dark place and bring them to the top of the tower. Yet, remember, all of these girls ended up in hell for a reason, and they are not the most obedient warriors in the world.

They might stray from their paths, refuse to listen to your orders, attack when you asked them to standby or simply wander off the battlefield. Managing the girls is a big part of your responsibility, the character development system gives you both the candy and the whip when you deal with the Criminal Girls.

Fun and unique, Criminal Girls is available today to all Sony PSP™ gamers:

Criminal GirlsJPN US$ 69.991w

From the publisher: FlingSmash combines the hands-on fun of tennis with the nonstop action and instant gratification of pinball. When the tropical Suthon Island is invaded by the evil Omminus, the ball-shaped hero, Zip, is summoned to save the day.

Using the Wii Remote controller with the Wii MotionPlus accessory, you'll fling Zip at targets to smash your way across eight colorful worlds. Use the Wii Remote like a racket and watch Zip bounce around like a pinball to smash through oncoming barriers and enemies in this action-sidescroller.

The package comes with the pink Wii remote control plus:

Tataite Hazumu: Smash Ball Plus (w/ Wii Remote Plus Pink)JPN US$ 56.901-2w

From the publisher: Dance Central™, exclusively for Kinect™ for Xbox 360®, is the first real dance game experience that is fun, social and for everyone!

Brought to you by Harmonix, the developers who created the world-wide blockbuster Rock Band™, Dance Central is the first immersive dance video game that features and tracks full-body dance moves.

Completely free from any controller, every routine has authentic choreography for beginners and experts alike to master, alongside a killer soundtrack that spans today’s current pop, hip-hop and R&B artists. Take it step-by-step with Break It Down or jump right in and start performing for your family and friends.

Either way, you won’t just learn dance moves, you’ll own the dance floor!

Dance CentralASIA N/Asold
Dance CentralUS US$ 19.991-2w

Ezio returns, this time with The Brotherhood. It's not just about killing skills, its about leadership and the ability to turn dire situations around to your benefit. Come to Renaissance Italy and get involved in the darkest of political intrigue. The Collector's Editions come with a vast amount of exclusive items, grab your chance and take the Jack in the Box home.

Get into the power cars and zoom down the roads. You can be a cop chasing after the criminal or the outlaw seeking to outsmart the police. No matter what you are, the game will provide you with an array of weapons to gain the upper edge. How challenging your game becomes is directly related to your friends' experiences, so go join the circle of the ace racers via Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Some value packs also arrived this week, get into archaeological missions, treasure hunts and an all out war in ESA Game Pack. Enjoy some family games with the raccoons in The Sly Collection via your PlayStation Move sensors. These packages contain three games for the price of one, and are perfect buys if you don't own these blockbusters already.

Here is a summary of all the games that came out within the last seven days.

Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodUS N/Asold
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodASIA US$ 44.9924h
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Collector's Edition)ASIA N/Asold
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Collector's Edition)US US$ 109.991-2w
Call of Duty: Black Ops (Subtitled Edition)JPN US$ 46.901-2w
CreateASIA N/Asold
Dance CentralASIA N/Asold
DanceEvolutionASIA N/Asold
EA Sports Active 2 (Bundle)ASIA N/Asold
EA Sports MMAJPN US$ 45.991-5d
Fighters UncagedASIA N/Asold
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1ASIA N/Asold
Kinectimals [Limited Edition]ASIA N/Asold
Kinect Joy RideASIA N/Asold
Kinect SportsASIA N/Asold
KinectimalsASIA N/Asold
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletASIA N/Asold
Monster Jam: Path of DestructionUS N/Asold
MotionSportsASIA US$ 44.901w
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [Limited Edition] (Chinese & English Version)ASIA N/Asold
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [Limited Edition] (English Version)ASIA N/Asold
Sonic Free RidersUS N/Asold
The Sims 3JPN N/Asold
Your Shape: Fitness EvolvedASIA N/Asold

Agarest Senki 2ASIA N/Asold
Agarest Senki 2JPN US$ 54.991w
Agarest Senki 2 [Limited Edition]ASIA N/Asold
Agarest Senki 2 [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold
Apache: Air AssaultASIA N/Asold
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodASIA N/Asold
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodUS N/Asold
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Collector's Edition)US N/Asold
Beat Sketch!ASIA N/Asold
Call of Duty: Black Ops (Prestige Edition)US N/Asold
Call of Duty: Black Ops (Subtitled Edition)JPN N/Asold
CreateASIA N/Asold
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 [Limited Edition] (English language Version)ASIA N/Asold
EA Sports Active 2 (Bundle)ASIA N/Asold
EA Sports MMAJPN US$ 45.991w
ESA Game PackUS N/Asold
Gekiatsu!! Pachi Game Tamashi: CR Evangelion - Hajimari no FukuinJPN US$ 29.991w
Gekiatsu!! Pachi Game Tamashi: CR Evangelion - Hajimari no Fukuin [Super Premium Box]JPN N/Asold
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1ASIA N/Asold
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletASIA N/Asold
Move de PartyJPN US$ 12.991-5d
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [Limited Edition] (Chinese & English Version)ASIA N/Asold
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [Limited Edition] (English Version)ASIA N/Asold
NikudanJPN US$ 39.801w
Power Gig: Rise of the SixString (Guitar Kit)US US$ 170.991-2w
Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Empires (PlayStation3 the Best)JPN US$ 23.991-5d
Sing Star Dance (Party Pack)ASIA N/Asold
The Fight: Lights OutASIA N/Asold
The Fight: Lights OutUS US$ 12.991-2w
The Sims 3JPN N/Asold
The Sly CollectionUS US$ 17.6924h

Nintendo Wii™
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 11 (w/ Gun)US US$ 64.901-2w
Call of Duty: Black OpsUS N/Asold
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletUS N/Asold
Nobunaga no Yabou: Kakushin with Power-Up Kit (KoeiTecmo the Best)JPN N/Asold
Sonic ColorsUS N/Asold
Sonic ColorsJPN US$ 69.991w
Tataite Hazumu: Smash Ball Plus (w/ Wii Remote Plus Pink)JPN US$ 56.901-2w
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011JPN US$ 59.991w

Maiden Love Revolution Love-Revo (Best Edition)JPN US$ 29.991w
Palais de Reine (Best Edition)JPN US$ 30.501w
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011US N/Asold
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011ASIA N/Asold
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011JPN N/Asold

Nintendo™ DS
Art of Murder: FBI Top Secret <div class="ext ext_"></div>US N/Asold
Beyblade: Metal Fusion (Collector's Edition)US US$ 39.995-15d
Call of Duty: Black OpsUS US$ 29.991-2w
Crime Lab: Body of EvidenceUS N/Asold
Ishin no Arashi: Shippuu RyuumedenJPN US$ 21.991w
Motto! Stitch! DS Rhythm de Rakugaki DaisakusenJPN US$ 23.991w
Puyo Puyo 7 (Special Price)JPN N/Asold
Sonic ColorsJPN US$ 58.991-2w
Sonic ColorsUS N/Asold
Super Kasekihorida <div class="ext ext_"></div>JPN US$ 19.991w

Sony™ PSP
Criminal GirlsJPN US$ 69.991w
EyePet (Camera Bundle)US US$ 21.991-2w
Hisshou Pachinko * Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series Portable Vol. 2: CR Evangelion - Hajimari no FukuinJPN US$ 44.991-5d
Jan Sangoku Musou (Koei the Best)JPN US$ 24.901-5d
Shin Sangoku Musou 2nd Evolution (PSP the Best)JPN N/Asold
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: PredatorUS US$ 22.991-2w
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011ASIA N/Asold
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011JPN US$ 28.991w

PC Game
Call of Duty: Black Ops (DVD-ROM)US N/Asold
Generation of Chaos Desire (Chinese) (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/Asold
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/Asold
Lego: Universe (DVD-ROM)US N/Asold
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [Limited Edition] (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/Asold
Rome Collection (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/Asold

Game Guides and Books
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Collector's EditionUS N/Asold
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Prima Official Game GuideUS US$ 19.901-2w
Dongari Bousi To Mahouno Omise GuidebookJPN US$ 4.9924h
Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2JPN N/Asold
Weekly Famitsu No. 1142 (2010 11/25)JPN N/Asold

A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow prior end of the week. So J-Pop, Anime and Movie fans, be sure to look out for that one!

Here's a preview of hot games that are expected to come next week:

Do Don Pachi ResurrectionJPN US$ 59.99

Gran Turismo 5JPN US$ 89.90
Gran Turismo 5 [First Print Limited Edition]JPN US$ 202.99
Trinity: Zill O'll ZeroJPN US$ 19.99
Trinity: Zill O'll Zero [Premium Box]JPN US$ 88.99

Nintendo DS™
Nintendo DSi (Pokemon Black Edition)JPN N/A
Nintendo DSi (Pokemon White Edition)JPN N/A
Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest MoonUS US$ 32.99
Super Robot Taisen LJPN US$ 19.99


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