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New Feature! Presenting: The Monthly Top Ten!

Every month, Play-Asia.com ships out a lot of products, but a few really stand out. As a new feature, we'd like to share with you which products were the most popular from October 1st to October 31st. Whether released or still in pre-order, perhaps these are the products you might want to tick off in your personal reminder!

For more information on each specific product, find it through the link in the picture!


Numero 10 on our list is there for a few good reasons; Shadow of Mordor
was definitely a game to rule them all.

By combining combat reminscent of the finely tuned Batman Arkham series, an open world approach very similar to Assassin's Creed, an innovative approach with specialized enemies via the Nemesis system where no Orc is the same, AND having it all wrapped in the goodness of some Lord Of The Rings lore that Tolkien would approve, no wonder so
many gamers picked this up.

Seriously though, that slow-mo dynamic camera when an Orc head rolls... it's a gift that keeps on giving.


RPGs, or SRPGs for that matter, have seen many rehashed tropes and recycled plot lines, but Tears to Tiara II is an exception, especially if one is to read the reviews from people who've devoured this game.

Part SRPG and part Visual novel, this hybrid presents a wholly unique and gripping story bolstered by deep strategic gameplay.

As well, many have lauded the ethereal soundtrack, stunning art, and fully voiced cutscenes (with options for English and Japanese), but that's just the popular opinion.

But don't take our word for it, there's only one way to find out... did we mention that it also comes with an artbook :3


Notorious since the first title for the 3DS - Senran Kagura Burst, Producer Kenichiro Takaki's design philosophy has always been to give what he thinks the people want: heaping mounds of b00bs. Oh and ninjas girls. 

And while many people might regard this as just a gimmick, one cannot discount the fact that Shinovi Versus is a highly competent brawler, with fast paced combat laced with super ninja techniques and a new take on the classic clothing removal damage mechanic. Brasengan!

Finally localized for the West, many PA customers are still ordering this game, especially since our version is the special "Let's Get Physical" Edition!



We can understand importing Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX two months before the worldwide English release in December, we really do. A classic in it's own right, the combination of the Disney and Square universes is a sight to behold, and one to experience - again!

HD 2.5 Remix is a remastered collection which includes Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded adapted from the DS as an HD cinematic retelling. Tetsuya Nomura has also added that the cinematics will include additional unseen battle, new voice acting, and a scenes that comprehensively tie the different games together. Keys to the Kingdom, right here!


Celebrating the '20th Anniversary of Dengeki Bunko' French Bread (UNIBELMelty Blood), along with the Sega and ASCII Media Works, are bringing us another exciting Mash Up 2D fighter straight from the arcade to our Sony consoles!

The title will include characters from Dengeki Bunko's extensive line of light novels such as Sword Art Online, Shakugan no Shana, and Durarara! going toe-to-toe on stages based on Sega franchises. 

As well, exclusive to console versions are a whole lot of extras like new modes, character conversations, unlockable extras like costume colors, themes, and individual illustrations and animations for characters!


Now why would a game from 1996 be selling so well?
Could it possibly be that:

A) This Japanese version has English Voice and Text options?
B) That so far, this is the only physical confirmed version?
C) That there has been no real confirmation of a Western release?
D) That the Resident Evil Gamecube remake was one of the best?
E) That the remake of the RE GC remake is going to be amazing?
F) That the Collector's package contains some nice premiums?
G) That as an import, it's at $49.99?


With Nintendo's recent announcement of their new 3DS, the big reveal showed that this upgraded handheld has: 

1) Improved Stereoscopic 3D
2) An extra C-Stick 
3) Extended battery life & Improved Wi-Fi support
4) New ZR and ZL shoulder buttons
5) Micro SD card slot for additional data storage

But that's not why people are picking this up. The real reasons are the games that will be using the N3DS's capabilities: Final Fantasy ExplorersMonster Hunter 4GSSBros for the 3DS, and the upcoming... XENOBLADE CHRONICLES.


If this was a list for the top ten craziest games on the market right now, then Onechanbara Z2 Chaos would be number one.

A next gen sequel to Onechanbara Z, as well as being an PS4 exclusive, Z2 Chaos is more than a hack'n slash - it's a hack'n slash'n chop'n dice'n...well you get the point.

Aside from crisp visuals, extreme ultraviolence, and a wonderful cult feel that only Japan can bring, there's something primal and appealing when it's done by buxom maidens in bikinis.

But if we had to guess, it could be because of the included Banana and Strawberry costume DLC...


With 4G bringing in gargantuan updates to the original, many people have lined up in front of their local guild. 

The total monster tally is at 88 total monsters in the game: 22 small monsters and 66 large ones with encore performances from Apceros, Diablos, and Hermitaur to name a few! 

As well, Capcom has been collaborating with what seems like most of the Japanese gaming industry to add some very famous characters to the game! Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of ZeldaAnimal Crossing
Taiko Tatsujin
 have related DLCs, and even popular manga Magi is there!



That crisp white colour, accentuating the classic Super Famicom button color scheme... just look at that... so beautiful! 

Nostalgia is a strong motivator in the video game industry, and in the case of Nintendo's New 3DS as well as the amount we've shipped to satisfied customers, it's obvious that this handheld wins the monthly chart.

And based on how it's still being picked up, it just might make it's way to next month's Top Ten!

Best news of all, there are still some in stock!


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