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New games up for preorder: Dead or Alive Paradise, Prinny 2, Ys Felghana no Chikai, Gundam Assault Survive, Red Seed Profile, Yakuza 3, Bioshock 2, God of War Trilogy & more!

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Nobody brings a tropical paradise alive the way pretty girls do. Kazumi, Ayane, Hitomi and the group of cute and sexy fighters in Dead or Alive are taking a break in a southern island and they are inviting you to join them.

Get to know these ladies, form teams to play beach volleyball, test each other's reflexes by crossing over a bridge made of buoys, everyone who dropped into the water will be punished. Go back to the hotel and visit the casino with the ladies. Rio, the Pachislot champion will be joining you here.

Use the points you get in the games to buy accessories and new swim suits for the ladies. Go back to your room and pick up your camera to take pictures of them. You can save your best work in the album.

Everybody needs a break, come take your vacation with the Dead or Alive girls in April:

Dead or Alive ParadiseJPN US$ 34.99
Dead or Alive Paradise [Himitsu no Rakuen Box]JPN N/A
Dead or Alive Paradise [Kasumi Special Figure Box]JPN US$ 249.90

Prinnies are the weakest, the lowest of the low in the demon kingdom, yet, even these winged penguin creatures have their day.

Prinny: Can I be the Hero was overwhelmingly popular, now these lowly demons will travel through the kingdom once against as heroes, in search for Etna's lost pair of panties.

Dive into the sea, drop into volcanoes, admire the sakura in the mountains and venture into the lairs of powerful bosses. Prinny gets new powers, eat various snacks littered around the stage and you could fly or unleash super powers. Max up your combo gages and show those big guys that Prinnies are not to be looked down on.

Prinnies are going to set off on their new adventure in March:

Prinny 2: Toukou Yuugi! Akatsuki no pants Daisakusenss!!JPN US$ 54.90

Let's go back to some orthodox fantasy adventures. Adol and his friend Dogi are going to the volcanic island of Felghana, Dogi's homeland, to free the people who suffer under the rule of the tyrant and fight monsters.

Hugely popular when the game was released on the PC, Falcom installed numerous upgrades to the game and released it on the Sony PSP. Characters are fully voiced in the game events and the colorful graphics are readjusted for the large screen.

You can choose from three sets of BGM and unlock pictures for the album as you further your adventures. It doesn't matter that you have played the game before, this new version will give your a smoother and fresher experience. Adol and Dogi are setting sail to the island in April:

Ys: Felghana no ChikaiJPN US$ 38.99
Ys: Felghana no Chikai (w/CD)JPN US$ 48.99

Create your pilot and customize your mobile suit. Gundam Assault Survive has the largest range of mechas, collection of situations and battlefields. Everything will happen in real time, your pre-designed strategies may fail at the last instance, expect the unexpected, feel the adrenaline that all pilots experience when the battle starts.

From the oldest series to the newest Gundam 00, this game has the most comprehensive collection of anime data. You can fight alone or use the adhoc mode to invite a friend to the war with you. Having someone to watch your back gives you so much more attack options.

The mecha wars will never end, the game is coming in March:

Gundam Assault SurviveASIA US$ 59.90
Gundam Assault SurviveJPN US$ 31.99

Red Seeds Profile sets stage in a faraway village in Canada. The village is populated by around 150 people and is surrounded by vast forests and fog. Everybody knows everybody else, this is a place where people have no need to lock their doors at night. That is, until the villagers found the body of Anna Graham in the forrest.

The Killer in the Rain is back.

Although the villagers pretend that nothing happened, the mutual trust between them have disappeared, people with clues to the case keep their mouths shut, villagers suspects that the murderer is hiding among them.

You are Francis York Morgan, sent by the FBI to solve the case. Keep your wits and your gun around if you are to clear your mission, and to survive.

Red Seed Profile is coming in March:

Red Seeds ProfileJPN US$ 159.90

Come back to the city. Kiryuu Kazuma and Haruka have left Kamurochou and their violent lives behind to start afresh in Okinawa. They started an orphanage, and with the children, the two soon believed that they have found some peace in their lives.

However, the Yakuza caught up with them, the rising dragon and the million dollar girl have to plunge back into their old lives to save the people they cherish.

Besides fistfights and gunfights, there are a lot of other entertainments in the district, get to know the hostesses and explore the wilder side of the city. Yakuza 3 is being translated for the English speaking gamers:

Yakuza 3US US$ 37.99

The undersea city of Rapture will not rest in peace, a monster have risen up to the land and are snatching little girls along the coastline to bring them into the fallen city. You will venture into the dark depths, into this once glamourous land to hunt this monster down.

The special edition will include a CD with the full orchestral score, a hardback artbook and a vinyl LP. If you don't have a phonograph, go get one secondhand. Besides these goodies, there are three more propaganda posters that you can hang up your wall.

Bioshock 2 are all coming in February:

Bioshock 2US N/A
Bioshock 2ASIA N/A
Bioshock 2 (Special Edition)ASIA N/A
Bioshock 2 (Special Edition)US N/A

Bioshock 2ASIA US$ 16.90
Bioshock 2US N/A
Bioshock 2JPN US$ 63.99
Bioshock 2 (Special Edition)US N/A
Bioshock 2 (Special Edition)ASIA N/A

Bioshock 2 (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 44.90
Bioshock 2 (DVD-ROM)US N/A
Bioshock 2 (Special Edition) (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A
Bioshock 2 (Special Edition) (DVD-ROM)US N/A

Game Guide
BioShock 2 Limited Edition Strategy GuideUS N/A
BioShock 2 Signature Series GuideUS US$ 19.90

God of War III is coming in March and so is the God of War Trilogy. Those who have not gotten the God of War Collection can get everything in one go. You can experience Kratos's myths from start to finish in one sitting.

The package comes with and art book and a code which allows you to download additional skins for your player character.

God of War trilogy will come in March with God of War III:

God of War TrilogyJPN N/A

Xbox360™ Pre-Orders (10)

Bioshock 2 (Special Edition)ASIAFeb 09, 2010N/A
Deadly PremonitionUSFeb 26, 2010N/A
World of Outlaws: Sprint CarsUSFeb 12, 2010N/A
Hokuto MusouASIAMar 25, 2010N/A
Hokuto Musou [Limited Edition]ASIAMar 25, 2010N/A
Major League Baseball 2K10USMar 02, 2010N/A
Metro 2033USMar 16, 2010US$ 35.99
Prison BreakUSApr 09, 2010N/A
Iron Man 2USMay 04, 2010N/A
UFC Undisputed 2010USMay 28, 2010US$ 24.99

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PlayStation3™ Pre-Orders (13)

Uncharted Twin PackJPNFeb 18, 2010N/A
Demon's Souls (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNFeb 25, 2010US$ 44.99
Bioshock 2 (Special Edition)ASIAFeb 09, 2010N/A
Bioshock 2JPNMar 04, 2010US$ 63.99
Red Seeds ProfileJPNMar 11, 2010US$ 159.90
God of War IIIJPNMar 25, 2010N/A
God of War TrilogyJPNMar 25, 2010N/A
PachiPara 15: Super Umi Monogatari in Okinawa 2JPNMar 25, 2010N/A
Major League Baseball 2K10USMar 02, 2010US$ 20.99
Prison BreakUSApr 09, 2010N/A
Yakuza 3USMar 12, 2010US$ 37.99
Iron Man 2USMay 10, 2010N/A
UFC Undisputed 2010USMay 28, 2010N/A

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Nintendo Wii™ Pre-Orders (8)

SatisfashionUSJun 08, 2010US$ 24.90
Deca Sporta (Hudson the Best)JPNFeb 25, 2010N/A
Family Party 30 Great Games Winter FunUSFeb 02, 2010US$ 24.99
Major League Baseball 2K10USMar 02, 2010US$ 31.99
Project RunwayUSJun 18, 2010US$ 47.99
Rooms: The Main BuildingUSMar 30, 2010US$ 50.99
GTI Club Supermini Festa!USMar 29, 2010N/A
Iron Man 2USMay 04, 2010N/A

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PlayStation2™ Pre-Orders (4)

Summon Night Gran-Thesis: Horobi no Ken to Yakusoku no KishiJPNMar 11, 2010US$ 42.99
Major League Baseball 2K10USMar 22, 2010US$ 19.99
ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two.JPNApr 29, 2010US$ 80.90
ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. [First Print Limited Special Edition]JPNApr 29, 2010N/A

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Nintendo DS™ Pre-Orders (15)

Personal Fitness for MenUSJan 26, 2010US$ 24.90
Personal Fitness for WomenUSJan 26, 2010N/A
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning ThiefUSFeb 19, 2010N/A
Pony Friends 2USFeb 23, 2010US$ 43.99
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of ArcadiaUSFeb 26, 2010N/A
Touch! Bomberman Land: Star Bomber no Miracle * World (Hudson the Best)JPNMar 04, 2010US$ 34.90
Cheer We Go! <div class="ext ext_"></div>USMar 30, 2010N/A
Disney's Stitch JamUSMar 30, 2010US$ 20.99
Major League Baseball 2K10USMar 19, 2010N/A
Rooms: The Main BuildingUSApr 01, 2010US$ 29.99
SatisfashionUSJun 08, 2010US$ 24.90
Sonic Classic Collection <div class="ext ext_"></div>USApr 08, 2010N/A
Squishy TankUSMar 30, 2010US$ 20.90
Iron Man 2USMay 04, 2010US$ 22.99
Blue Dragon: Awakened ShadowUSMay 24, 2010N/A

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Sony PSP™ Pre-Orders (24)

Armored Core: Last Raven PortableJPNMar 04, 2010N/A
Musou Tourou (The Best Price)JPNMar 04, 2010US$ 31.99
The Eye of Judgment: Shintaku no WizardJPNMar 04, 2010US$ 48.90
Battle Spirits: Hero's SoulJPNMar 11, 2010US$ 54.90
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsJPNMar 11, 2010N/A
Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida Or 3DJPNMar 11, 2010US$ 47.90
Zettai Hero Kaizou KeikakuJPNMar 11, 2010N/A
Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku [Limited Edition]JPNMar 11, 2010US$ 64.99
Gundam Assault SurviveJPNMar 18, 2010US$ 31.99
Minna no Shiatsu: Itami mo Tsukare mo Sukirii!JPNMar 18, 2010US$ 44.90
We Love JugglerJPNMar 18, 2010US$ 48.90
Ys I & II Seven SetJPNMar 18, 2010US$ 89.90
Bokujou Monogatari: Sugar Mura to Minna no Negai (PSP the Best)JPNMar 25, 2010US$ 34.99
Prinny 2: Toukou Yuugi! Akatsuki no pants Daisakusenss!!JPNMar 25, 2010US$ 54.90
Sora no otoshi mono: DokiDoki Summer VacationJPNMar 25, 2010N/A
Sora no otoshi mono: DokiDoki Summer Vacation [DX Pack]JPNMar 25, 2010N/A
Major League Baseball 2K10USMar 02, 2010US$ 9.90
Dead or Alive ParadiseJPNApr 02, 2010US$ 34.99
Dead or Alive Paradise [Himitsu no Rakuen Box]JPNApr 02, 2010N/A
Dead or Alive Paradise [Kasumi Special Figure Box]JPNApr 02, 2010US$ 249.90
Ys: Felghana no ChikaiJPNApr 22, 2010US$ 38.99
Ys: Felghana no Chikai (w/CD)JPNApr 22, 2010US$ 48.99
Iron Man 2USMay 04, 2010US$ 21.90
UFC Undisputed 2010USSep 10, 2010US$ 19.99

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PC Games Pre-Orders (5)

Bioshock 2 (DVD-ROM)ASIAFeb 09, 2010US$ 44.90
Bioshock 2 (Special Edition) (DVD-ROM)ASIAFeb 09, 2010N/A
Major League Baseball 2K10 (DVD-ROM)USApr 30, 2010N/A
Prison Break (DVD-ROM)USMar 30, 2010US$ 59.90
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising (DVD-ROM)USMar 15, 2010N/A

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