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New games up for preorder: Dragon Quest VI, TC: Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2, Tenchu Kurenai Portable & more!

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Become the hero of your own adventures. The third game in the Dragon Quest Heaven series is remade for the Nintendo DS with graphical updates and other system upgrades. More information on the game will be available once Square Enix post more up.

You live a peaceful life in a small rural village with your little sister. However, one day the fairies in the forest showed up and entrust you with a mission. One mission leads to numerous challenges, and before you know it, you have set off on the path to save the world.

The DS remake of Dragon Quest VI is coming in late January 28:

Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no DaichiJPN N/A

Turned from a series of best seller books to games, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cells will pit you, one man against a whole government, full of agents and military men. As a fugitive, you have to learn to interact with your environment and take what you've got to survive.

Make friends with the underground societies, they have all those resources that could aid you in your escape, or possibly, fight back, even.

Splinter Cell Conviction will deliver an adrenaline rush of game play with blood-pumping chase sequences, close combat and intense gun battles.

You’ve never played Splinter Cell like this before.

The game is coming in February 2010 on these platforms:

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: ConvictionUS N/A
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: ConvictionASIA N/A

Nintendo DS™
Tom Clancy's The DivisionUS US$ 34.99

PC Game
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (DVD-ROM)US US$ 24.90

There is also a Collector's Edition for Xbox360™ coming and preorders will be opened soon, please stay around or subscribe to our personal agents or RSS feeds for more info:

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction [Collector's Edition]US N/A

Running from the government or fighting back is not your style? Don't worry, there are aliens and other mysterious enemies to fight in Mass Effect 2.

After the reapers, there are new species cropping up. As Shepard, you have to save the universe and all human life by cooperating with a ruthless organization or these strange forces will continue gobbling up colonies.

You have to assemble the most powerful fleet in the universe to stand a chance, and still, people think this is a suicidal mission, come prove them wrong. Get the game, it's coming out in January 2010.

Mass Effect 2US N/A
Mass Effect 2ASIA N/A
Mass Effect 2 [Collector's Edition]US N/A

PC Games
Mass Effect 2 (DVD-ROM)US N/A
Mass Effect 2 [Collector's Edition] (DVD-ROM)US N/A

The Collector's Editions are still on hold and will be on preorder soon.

Tenchu is the most authentic ninja action out there, with fast paced action and an impressive set of skills, you be the vigilante hero who taints all evil with the color red.

Ninjas work in the dark and blends in with the environment and take lives at a blink of an eye, cut your target's throat with one swipe of your katana. If you can kill someone with one strike, never use two. The same rule applies to boss fights.

The story will be told in Kunoichi's point of view, everything untold, everything she has done in the dark with be unfold before your eyes.

Tenchu Kurenai Portable is coming in January 2010:

Tenchu Kurenai PortableJPN N/A

Xbox360™ Pre-Orders (11)

Xbox 360 Elite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Premium PackJPNDec 10, 2009N/A
Atsumare! Viva Pinata 2: Garden wa Dai-Punch (Platinum Collection)JPNDec 17, 2009US$ 34.90
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Platinum Collection)JPNDec 17, 2009US$ 29.90
Ninja Gaiden 2 (Platinum Collection)JPNDec 23, 2009N/A
James Cameron's Avatar: The GameASIADec 07, 2009N/A
James Cameron's Avatar: The GameJPNJan 07, 2010N/A
Batman: Arkham AsylumJPNJan 14, 2010N/A
Fight Night Round 4JPNJan 28, 2010US$ 48.90
Mass Effect 2 [Collector's Edition]USJan 26, 2010N/A
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction [Collector's Edition]USApr 13, 2010N/A


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PlayStation 2™ Pre-Orders (2)

Fate/Unlimited Codes (Best Price!)JPNDec 03, 2009N/A
Need for Speed Undercover (EA:SY! 1980)JPNJan 28, 2010US$ 24.90


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Nintendo DS™ Pre-Orders (3)

Wizardry ~Seimei no Kusabi~ [Amazon.co.jp Limited Edition]JPNNov 20, 2009N/A
James Cameron's Avatar: The GameJPNJan 07, 2010US$ 23.99
Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no DaichiJPNJan 28, 2010N/A


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Sony PSP™ Pre-Orders (10)

Shin Sangoku Musou 5 EmpiresJPNJan 21, 2010US$ 44.90
Spectral vs. Generation (IF Collection)JPNJan 14, 2010US$ 14.99
Tekken 6JPNJan 14, 2010N/A
Arcobaleno! PortableJPNJan 28, 2010N/A
Idolm@ster SP: Missing Moon (PSP the Best)JPNJan 28, 2010N/A
Idolm@ster SP: Perfect Sun (PSP the Best)JPNJan 28, 2010N/A
Idolm@ster SP: Wandering Star (PSP the Best)JPNJan 28, 2010US$ 37.90
Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP the Best)JPNJan 28, 2010N/A
Tales of Rebirth (PSP the Best)JPNJan 28, 2010US$ 54.99
Tenchu Kurenai PortableJPNJan 28, 2010N/A


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PC Pre-Orders (3)

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (DVD-ROM)USDec 04, 2009US$ 54.90
Divinity II - Ego Draconis (DVD-ROM)USJan 05, 2010US$ 14.99
Mass Effect 2 [Collector's Edition] (DVD-ROM)USJan 26, 2010N/A


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