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New games up for preorder: End of Eternity, Nintendo DSi LL, Tropico 3, Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles & more!

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End of Eternity, or Resonance of Fate is Sega's next hit. Produced by Tri-Ace, the company that created stellar games such as the Star Ocean and the Valkyrie Profile series now takes on a project that illustrate the struggles of a group of youths in an apocalyptic world.

Due to large scale pollution, the world has become an almost inhabitable place. People live in Barcels, a massive capsule created by ancient technology, however, even this tiny world is falling apart. It is in the middle of this chaotic era that three young people came together to create a new history.

Carry your hand guns and other firearms and create a rain storm out of bullets. Make use of the items, know the characters' strengths and strategize your battles. The game makes use of a semi-real time battle system, carry out your offense and defense plans and shower your opponents with bullets.

The Japanese version is coming in January while the US version is coming in March next year:

End of EternityJPN N/A
Resonance of FateUS N/A

End of EternityJPN N/A
Resonance of FateUS US$ 24.99

Graphic quality of NDS games are increasing and it's much easier to appreaciate the beautiful animations through a big screen.

The NDSi LL has two 4.2 inch screens with an enlarged viewing angle. Gather your friends and family together when you need help with a puzzle or simply to show them a cool AMV sequence, everybody could get a view now.

Camera, DSi menu, music player and the DSi Ware functions remain the same, the console already comes with two brain training games and a dictionary.

The NDSi LL is coming in November, you can now choose from three stylish colors:

Nintendo DSi LL (Dark Brown)JPN N/A
Nintendo DSi LL (Natural White)JPN N/A
Nintendo DSi LL (Wine Red)JPN N/A

You are El Presidente, the one on the top of the power hierarchy on a Tropical island in the Carribean, how you wield your power and to what purposes are up to you. Practice the art of corruption, utilize the army to eliminate all those who oppose you or create prosperity for your country and people.

You are a leader, but you still have to justify your decisions in front of your people, make power speeches, black mail your opponents and make use of all the dubious means that real politicians would use.

Beware of civil unrest and the effects of the International ties you form, just as the people under you would want to overthrow you, other super powers may want to set limits to your actions.

Leave your tracks in history, Tropico is available for:

Tropico 3ASIA N/A

Tropico 3 (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 9.99

Xbox360™ Pre-Orders (4)

Xbox 360 Elite World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010 Premium PackJPNNov 05, 2009N/A
Tropico 3ASIANov 17, 2009N/A
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon RisingJPNJan 14, 2010US$ 74.90
End of EternityJPNJan 28, 2010N/A


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PlayStation3™ Pre-Orders (3)

Gundam Musou 2 (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection) (PlayStation3 the Best)ASIADec 17, 2009N/A
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon RisingJPNJan 14, 2010N/A
End of EternityJPNJan 28, 2010N/A


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Nintendo Wii™ Pre-Orders (2)

Biohazard The Darkside ChroniclesJPNJan 14, 2010N/A
Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles [Collector's Pack]JPNJan 14, 2010US$ 87.99


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PlayStation2™ Pre-Orders (1)

World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010JPNDec 10, 2009US$ 59.90

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Nintendo DS™ Pre-Orders (1)

My Virtual Tutor: Reading Pre-K to KindergartenASIASep 15, 2009US$ 51.99


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Sony PSP™ Pre-Orders (2)

Gundam Battle Universe (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection) (PSP the Best)ASIADec 17, 2009N/A
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. Portable (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection) (PSP the Best)ASIADec 17, 2009N/A


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PC Game Pre-Orders (1)

Tropico 3 (DVD-ROM)ASIANov 12, 2009US$ 9.99

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