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New Summer Lesson Allison Snow DLC is 5 Hours Long According to Famitsu

Summer Lesson Allison Snow Nanokakan no Niwa
PlayStation®VR / Release: June 22, 2017

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This week's Famitsu reveals that Summer Lesson's Allison Snow DLC is about 5 hours long if players decide to complete all of the activities that are available in the game. The Famitsu staff gives their brief reviews on the game praising the new experience with Allison and how easy it is to get into and play.

You can check out the following translation below:

This is the new episode where the player is the tutor of a girl; helping her to live new experiences, and sensations. The theme of the 2nd episode is “heal the world” Allison Snow will have a good time in the peaceful countryside.

The people who are looking a unique VR experience
The people who want take care of another person

[Average Playtime]
Week 1 takes about 30 – 60 minutes. Playing all the activities will take 5 hours.

Yoshida – Score 9
If you’ve played with the “Miyamoto Hikari version”, you’ll also love this episode. The base system is similar to the previous episode, but situations have been changed to offer a fresher game experience. The blonde girl Allison speaks broken Japanese, but due her reserved, and gentle personality you can approach her in a large array of ways. The goals are easy to understand, and this makes it easy to play.

Ashida – Score 8
The broken Japanese of Allison will give you the sensation that you can be of help to her. Compared to the previous chapter, you can become more intimate with the girl due the increased number of nice situations that will beat her heart. The objectives of the lessons are easy to understand, the game-side adjustments are impressive. The feeling to stay in a house on a Japanese beach is really great.  

Honma – Score 8
Allison, who works very hard to improve her Japanese, is a lovely thing. If you go near her you’ll feel her body temperature. Lessons are unique, and seeing her facial expressions will help you understand easily if your guide is good. When the “objective” is updated, keep in mind how many days are remaining to achieve it. Nonetheless, its beautiful to see her in the garden.

Uchizawa – Score 8
This game is for the same people who enjoyed the “Miyamoto Hikari version”. The detailed adjustments make it easier to play. The gameplay is like the previous episode, the partner is a foreigner, the stage is outdoors, and the entire sensation is interesting. You don’t need strong strategy skills, but you can get a wonderful VR experience when you communicate with this new character.

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