16. Jul, 2012 13:06 (HKT)

New to the Auction House: Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition, GEM Mutou Yuugi Figure, Final Fantasy VII Piano Arrangement album

Unmask the man in the Auction House. Bid for Ryu Hayabusa. The Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition includes everything that draws you to the game. Lot's of excitement ensues when Ryu Hayabusa pit himself against a new foe. And this excitement takes shape in the form of a Diorama figure. Feel the sparks fly off the locked swords.

Gamers who couldn't wait to get involved in the death matches in Dead or Alive 5, come get a taste via the Alpha version. The Premium download code is included in the package. Flip through the art book to see all the scenes in the game. When you are so engrossed in the fight, you might have missed some exquisite details.

And last but not least, don't miss the soundtrack, because it's vital to portraying the mood in the game.

The Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition is in Mint Condition. Besides the outer wrappings missing, everything within the box is as good as new. Please bid for it here.

The card battles are starting, call forth the duelist in Mutou Yuugi. The machinery at his watch is activated and Yami Yuugi is prepared to unleash the power of his cards. The newest G.E.M figure spots Yugi in his signature pose, with the card held between his fingers.

Veteran figure maker Shirahige Tsukuru sets off the sharp colors by covering various parts of the figure with varnish. The blond part of Yugi's hair shines like lightning while the flowing jacket on his shoulders look like liquid metal. The pyramid on his chest shines gold, and is sculpted with all the symbols you might find in the anime.

Mutou Yuugi is in Mint Condition, however, please note that the card which he holds between two fingers in the picture is missing. Please bid for Yuugi here.

The one winged angel, the tragic love story and the ageless theme of friendship are but some of the elements that make Final Fantasy VII such a classic. The music by Nobuo Uematsu brings the game beyond the TV screen. It makes the battle scenes more exciting and the touching moments even more memorable.

Now everything takes on an elegant glitter. Listen to the beautiful themes on the Piano. The Piano Arrangement contains character themes such as Tifa's theme, Aerith's theme and the iconic One Winged Angel. At times things get a lighter, for example, when you meet the Chocobos and at times things are absolutely dangerous.

Walk through the game again via the Final Fantasy VII Piano Arrangement Soundtrack. The album is in Mint Condition. Although the outer wrapping may be missing, the CD and the booklet are as good as new. Please bid for it here.


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