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Nights of Azure 2: New Lily & Servans details revealed!

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon
PlayStation®4/PlayStation®Vita | Release Date: December 22, 2016

Gust has released new information and screenshots of their upcoming action RPG sequel, Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon! Joining our protagonist Alushe is the Lily by the name of Camilla Arukado, the Genius Doctor. New details on a couple of Servans, as well as a brand new one revealed!

***Update: Nights of Azure 2 first full length trailer released! Click the above image to watch it!***

To catch up on the world of Nights of Azure 2, you can read our previous article here!

Camillia Arukado is a genius doctor whose research on artificial half-demons was able to resurrect our heroine Alushe after her heart was pierced by demons. Despite her cold appearance and plain remarks, she offers a hotel to Alushe and company as a base of operations, though her true intentions for doing so are still unknown. Beyond that, she still supports Alushe with advice, showing a kind, emotional side. As a Lily, she'll support Alushe in battles against fiends with her gun.

In Nights of Azure 2, you'll battle fiends alongside one Lily and two Servans. With Camilla as your Lily she'll provide long range support with her gun. Switching the barrel of her gun, Camilla can attack in two different modes. Using the short barrel she can lay down suppressing fire, and with the long barrel she'll be able to unleash high-power precision shots.

Fiends, beings who have been invaded by the blue blood of demons and have lost their sense of self, instinctively attacking humans because of it. However among them are those who have not been fully invaded by the blue blood, and can be rescued. When rescued they'll fight along side Alushe as Servans, granting her even greater power.

Among the Servans Alushe will encounter are Nero, a cat Servan adored by her. She has a deep connection to this Servan that is connected to her past. A wolf Servan named Shalf supports her with his electrified fangs and agile movements, which he also uses to solve puzzles. These two Tricker-Types Servans will greatly assist Alushe on her quest as they open up new paths for her.

Now to introduce a new Servan, the flaming bird Eil. Not only is he able to use his flaming body to attack several fiends at once but as a Striker-Type Servan he'll be able to transform into a powerful great sword. When wielded by Alushe, she can focus her power, flaring up the sword to unleash double damage upon her enemies.

With these Lilies and Servans supporting Alushe, she'll be able to utilize their abilities to gain the upper hand on large-scale fiends they'll encounter as they travel to rescue her childhood friend and make their way to the Queen of the Moon.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will be out in Japan on Dec 22, 2016 with a western release planned after. This a beautiful-looking game and we can't wait to see what kind of Lilies and Servans will be joining our heroine next!

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