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Ninjas rule: Ryu Hayabusa 1/4 scale, Miku glasses, Gyakuten Kenji Strap, Monster + Pugi mini figure, One Piece Impel Down figures & more!

Marching through the rain and fog is one of the most powerful warriors in video game history. Ryu Hayabusa the vengeful ninja walks through the grave of swords toward unknown dangers. Capturing one of the most atmospheric scenes in the game, you can almost see a black aura enveloping the figure.

Ryu Hayabusa is on his way to avenge the honor of his fallen clan and challange the four great fiends. With taut muscles, the Eclipse Scythe, Dragon Sword and the Falcon's Talon with him, he is the very picture of deadliness.

The sculptors in the One2One team have crafted, painted and polished him by hand, see the silvery gleam on the Falcon's Talon. The figure is made with high quality poly-resin and stands at around 80cm, easily one of the largest figures you would ever own.

Each figure has a product number that denotes it's authenticity. Note that number down, you can buy the second figure from the Ninja Gaiden series that bears the same number.

The personification of determination and danger has arrived, show him the direction to your house:

Ninja Gaiden 2 - Ryu Hayabusa StatueUS N/A sold

Enjoy the excitement of driving a car at breakneck speed in the comfort of your home.

Cutting edge graphics on the screen can blur the line between the game and reality for the eyes, but you need more to really trick your mind into believing you are out of your house and on the road. The Logitech Wheel does this for you.

Spin your car around, perform a shift at a hairpin turn, this controller performs all the functions of a real car plus the subtle humming to create an atmosphere of being on a race course.

The Logitech Wheel has arrived, take it home for:

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel N/A sold

Drinks are much cooler when they sit in your Hatsune Miku glasses. After taking care of those who adore hot drinks, its time to create something for the soda lovers. Standing at around 12 cm, these glasses are not exceptionally tall, it encourages you to take a few more trips to the fridge to refill and do a bit more excercise.

The color of your soft drink forms the background color for your glass. The cool blue Miku may look nice against black ice coffee while the black one would look very sharp against a lemonade. Get the glass that suits your drinking tastes, or both if you have all those different bottles in your fridge.

The glasses are available for:

Character Vocal Series Miku Hatsune Project Diva Waveform GlassJPN N/A sold
Character Vocal Series Miku Hatsune Project Diva Speaker GlassJPN N/A sold

Waruho-kun and Taiho-kun are here to tie you even tighter to your Nintendo DS. Loop these straps around your wrist when you play with your console on the buses or trains so that you won't drop it when the vehicle comes to a sudden halt.

Waruho-kun and Taiho-kun has different messages for you, the minor criminal Waruho-kun tells you to run, rather typical of him, while Taiho-kun is more like a good luck charm, protecting your household safety.

Mitsurugi Reiji is cool, but the mascots are cute, play the cool game and get the cute ornaments:

Gyakuten Kenji Toujou - Taihokun Family Taiho-chan StrapJPN N/A sold
Gyakuten Kenji Toujou - Taihokun Family Waruho-kun StrapJPN N/A sold

From the scaly beasts to the pastel pigs, Monster Hunter has it all. Complete your monster collection with these snarling creatures. Captured and minimized, these dragons lost their size but retained their fierceness.

The texture of their rough skins and the sharpness of their fangs are loyally sculpted. These are trophies from the hunting trips that you can take to the real world.

Pugi has also made their way here. Sitting in their green and black boxes, these pigs display quite a few more items of clothings.

There are the blue and white and watermelon striped suits, the naked king diaper outfit, the sheep clothing, angel wings as well as the pink sailor uniform, get some inspiration from the pigs and design clothes for your own pet.

The mini figures are available for:

Monster Hunter Portable Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPN N/A sold
Monster Hunter Pugee Collection G Trading Figure (Re-run)JPN N/A sold

More under appreciated characters for you to collect, prisoners from the Impel Down chapter are waiting for you to bale them out along with the ladies in the Women Island.

These super deformed characters are wonderful for board games such as monopoly. Don't worry if you have lost your favourite avatar, you can use these mini figures instead.

The figures are shipped randomly, order one and see if you managed to get a rare secret version:

One Piece Impel Down Collection Pre-Painted Candy Toy FigureJPN N/A sold

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