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Nintendo Dream January 2018 Issue - Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

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“Kirby of the Stars” 25th Anniversary Memorial Calendar 2018
Series A B5-sized wall calendar to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth.From the first "Kirby of the Stars" to
"Kirby Battle Deluxe!", It is a calendar of 2018 that shows the transition of the series.
The title is 13 titles.

-Main feature-

[Features]"Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon"
Three reasons why this workcan be described as the culmination of the whole "Pokemon" series!The adventure of this work that is not limited to the Arora region.This time, it is a feature that willsummarize the elements of attentionand solve the whole story of the series.

[Features]"Super Mario Odyssey"
developer and Odyssey's "world discovery tour"
Mario went out of a mushroom kingdom and went on a great journey around an unknown country.How was the new journey planned? Along with the development staff,we will take a10-page journey to explore the backstage of a spectacular adventure.

[Features]I want people in the first experience of the"Zenoble Reid 2"
series to touch by all means ...
Finally, it's time to leave for the world of Arts!
This time we explain the new information and the content that the editorial department actually played ahead We
will report such an immersive experience.

[Features]"Girls Mode 4 Star ☆ stylist" A play review that conveys Corde's enjoyment to a wide range of people from the perspectiveof the magicseries's first play ofselfish coordination that has changed "fashionable ignorance" into an introductory person.Also, Lily Hoshino, who was in charge of the design of the main character, also appeared!

[Features]"Inazuma Eleven Ares Balance"
Looking at the Nintendo Switch, the latest series of compatible models announced.This time, we will analyze the released images and so on, and push for the latest work.

[Special feature]"Kirby of the Stars" seen from the results of the general election
Copy ability 25 years of history
A special program to carefully look at the results of the "copy ability general election" held around the world!

Other new work information is abundant!

*​The total number of pages, product dimensions may differ from actual.

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