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Nintendo DS™ (Lite) Shipping Update: Enamel Navy & Ice Blue preorders cleared & new orders opened - 220V Asia Nintendo DS™ models back in stock this week

Shipping Update: Ice Blue & Enamel Navy preorders clearing today

Roughly one week after our last Nintendo DS™ Lite shipping update, we are happy to announce that all pending preorders of the Ice Blue and Enamel Navy Nintendo DS™ Lite consoles are clearing today. If you haven't received a shipping notification of your preorder within the next couple of hours, check your customer account as some unavailable items are possibly blocking dispatch of your order. Our customer service will be happy to assist you with any order change that cannot be made online.

The shortage situation of the most popular Crystal White color model unfortunately continues. We have only been able to clear a short portion of the big number of backorders up to now. Though small quantities are coming in almost everyday, we are currently unable to completely foresee when sufficient units are going to be available on the market. If you still have a Crystal White preorder pending with us, we highly recommend considering switching to any of the other color models in order to speed up dispatch of your order.

New orders for Enamel Navy & Ice Blue Nintendo DS™ Lite units now open

As frequent visitor, you most likely have noticed that we have opened new orders of the Ice Blue model a few days ago. Today, also the Enamel Navy model is back on sale to ship within 24 hours (while those news are being written). Pricing for new orders has currently been set according to the market situation and vendor pricing/availability at US$ 199.90 and orders are limited to 1 unit per customer. Please also note that new orders placed now will not include the free gift that is supplied with all preorders.

In accordance to our previous policy, new orders for the Crystal White model will only be opened once sufficient quantities are in stock to cover all pending preorders.

Useful Nintendo DS™ Lite accessories - Pouches & Bags, USB Power Cable & more

A number of very useful first and third party accessories suitable for the Nintendo DS™ Lite handheld have already been stocked up during the last few days and weeks.

As most of you have probably noticed, the NDS™ Lite ships without a protection pouch. From our own experience, this will be the most essential piece of hardware to pick along with your system purchase. We expect Hori's Compact Pouch to be among the more popular choices (black & blue models are in stock today, three more colors will be in this Friday), but there are plenty of other models from other manufacturers as well.

Additionally well selling are usually protection films, such as the Hori Liquid Crystal Filter DS Lite and the USB Power Charge Cable (third party manufactured, to recharge your battery at any common USB port). The power supply supplied with the NDS™ Lite is 110V only (suitable for Japan, USA, Canada and a number of other countries), but third party (220V) chargers are most likely expected to arrive within this month.

Last but not least, Nintendo's Play-Yan Micro (also available as Play-Yan Micro (w/ MediaStage Ver.4.2 for Nintendo) version) is confirmed to run on the new NDS™ Lite. Make sure to check it out and turn your Nintendo™ handheld into a powerful media station.

Lots of additional accessories can be found in our constantly growing Nintendo DS™ Lite accessories category.

Conventional Nintendo DS™ Lite consoles back in stock this week as Asia model

For those who don't much bother about the new Lite model, but simply looking for a Nintendo DS™ in their preferred color, we will have Asian model consoles back in stock this Thursday. Just like every other NDS™ (Lite) model, the units are of course region free and multi lingual. Asian models are by default supplied with a 220V power supply (UK 3-pin plug). Each console will be bundled with a free USB Power Cable, suitable to recharge the battery in any country via the USB port of your PC.

The following color models will be in stock again this Thursday, April 6th:

Nintendo DS (Candy Pink) - 220VASIA N/A sold
Nintendo DS (Pure White) - 220VASIA N/A sold
Nintendo DS (Graphite Black) - 220VASIA N/A sold
Nintendo DS (Turquoise Blue) - 220VASIA N/A sold
Nintendo DS (Platinum Silver) - 220VASIA N/A sold

Also available are the following two 110V sets:

Nintendo DS (Nintendogs Best Friends Electric Blue Bundle) - 110VUS N/A sold
Nintendo DS (Animal Crossing Electric Blue DS Bundle) - 110VUS N/A sold

Last but not least, not Nintendo DS™ related but still interesting for all Nintendo™ hardware fans, we have picked up limited quantities of on old GBA™ model. The following console is available for a limited period of time and until supplies last:

Game Boy Advance Console - Milky Pink N/A sold


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