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NIS America Release Update - Fairy Fencer F + Natural Doctrine

NIS America have recently changed the release dates for two of their upcoming titles Fairy Fencer F and Natural Doctrine - actually they've switched them! Fairy Fencer F fans can look forward to a release date of September 16 (was Sept 23) while Natural Doctrine fans will have to wait until September 23 (was Sept 16) to get their copy.


PlayStation®3 [RPG]

A hugely anticipated JRPG for all the right reasons, Fairy Fencer F is completely new franchise supported by the backing of JRPG industry veterans - all of whom are celebrities in their field. Featuring Yoshitaka Amano as the concept artist, Nobuo Uematsu as composer, Tsunako as a character designer, Toshiki Inoue as a screen writer and the "Neptunia Team" on development, this flagship game for Compile Heart's new RPG branch 'Galapago's is backed by an AllStar team!

As a freshman Fencer you'll need to collect 'Furies', weapons left over from the war between the Goddess and the Vile God, and channel their hidden energy to overcome your enemies. 

Battling your way through the story won't be the only way to increase your stats though! By completing certain tasks set by the 'Challenge Sytem' - some will be non-combat related like jumping 100 times while others will be reserved for using certain combat abilities!

Fairy Fencer FPlayStation 3US sold


PlayStataion®Vita PlayStation®3 PlayStation®4 [SRPG]

NAtURAL DOCtRINE, developed and produced by Kadokawa Games (Steins;GateLunar), is designed around being a hardcore strategy RPG. Screenshots of the game show a ton of different character combos and strategic formations where you will have the opportunity to control large group vs group battles. While Natural Doctrine lets players change the difficulty level at any time, if any of your characters fall in battle it is game over. And you are definitely going to die, a lot. If you are after a game with a huge focus on mechanics, strategic gameplay, and random capital letters -  do yourself a favor and pre-order NAtURAL DOCtRINE ASAP.

So how does the gameplay work? Fans of the genre may notice that the title screenshots and videos evoke comparisons to Valkryia Chronicles, sharing many gameplay and UI similarities. Battle takes place on a grided map, but unlike other titles that use a similar system characters can actually stack on a single grid box thus 'linking' the characters and combining their strengths. Mastering the game requires decent understanding of the various nuances, for example knowing who, where, and when to link your characters and, perhaps more importantly, what your linked characters are capable of are just a few key examples of a single aspect of the game.

There are 5 listed characters, each with their own specialties (they fit fairly well into traditional RPG class roles) but don't assume NAtURAL DOCtRINE has a rigid class system! Any character in your party can be re-specced, changing their skills and strengths to fit a certain situation. Some encounters may need more tanks and mages - but you can always go against the grain with your own strategies, something that has made these types of games really enjoyable. In combat you can change your view between Third Person, Birds Eye (aerial shot of the battlefield), and an 'over the shoulder' view with limited zoom. You should be able to make good use of this feature as perspective will definitely change how you approach differing heights of terrain in the battlefield that will obstruct projectiles (including friendly fire!), while others seem to be destructable as well as surpassable with appropriatly angled projectiles and attacks.

NAtURAL DOCtRINE supports cross-save/play functionality across all platforms!

Natural DoctrinePlayStation 3US US$ 29.991w
Natural DoctrinePlayStation 4US sold
Natural DoctrinePlayStation®VitaUS sold


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