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Noob: The Factionless

Compatible with Nintendo™ Switch (SW)
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Noob: The Factionless
Noob: The Factionless
Noob: The Factionless
Noob: The Factionless
Noob: The Factionless
Noob: The Factionless
Noob: The Factionless


  • Character creation: Players can create their own unique character and customize their appearance, abilities, and skillsets
  • Open-world exploration: The game features a vast open world with various locations to explore, including cities, towns, forests, and dungeons
  • Quests and missions: Players can take on quests and missions from various NPCs, each with their own unique storylines and rewards
  • Faction system: The game features a faction system where players can choose to align themselves with different factions and gain benefits or penalties depending on their actions
  • Crafting system: Players can gather resources and use them to craft items and equipment, including weapons, armor, potions, and more
  • PvP battles: Players can engage in PvP battles against other players or factions in designated areas, with rewards for the victor
  • Guild system: Players can join or create guilds with other players, allowing them to coordinate and work together on quests and missions
  • Skill tree: The game features a skill tree system where players can invest skill points to unlock new abilities and improve existing ones
  • Economy system: The game features an economy system where players can buy and sell items with NPCs or other players, with prices determined by supply and demand
  • End-game content: The game features challenging end-game content, such as raids and boss battles, which require coordination and teamwork to complete


Noob – The Factionlesstells the adventure of four beginner players, forming the Rush guild comprising Baster, an eager and competitive Neogician; Drek, his best friend, and blundering Berserker; May, an ambitious and sometimes arrogant Fortune-teller; and finally Logs, a dreamer and naïve Elementalist passionate about cooking.

Together, they hope to quickly reach level 100 and unlock their Legendary class to join the elite of Horizon players. They wish to see the Rush guild becoming one of the greatest guilds in the game alongside the Noob, Justice, Roxxor, and Pro Game Master guilds.


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