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Okamiden DS, Trinity: Zill'Oll Zero, Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. 3, K-On! Houkago Live!! + Accessory Set, Bleach: Heat the Soul 7, Carnage Heart EXA, PlayStation 3 Move Games, Caanoo & more! - in New Games available for Preorder!

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Just when Issun, the new ruler of the country thinks that Amaterasu and Susanou have restored peace over Nakatsunokuni, new monsters start popping up. More numerous, and powerful than ever, these monsters are turning humans into boulders or dinner.

But hope is not lost, for the new wolf Chibiterasu is here to save the day. Pick up your stylus and start drawing. The touch screen on the Nintendo DS makes painting even more handy. And this time, you're not going alone, Kuninushi, the self-proclaimed son of Susanou will accompany you with his big sword.

The delicate brush paintings and Sakura blossoms are back. Come with the super cute Chibiterasu and his partner Kuninushi to a brand new action adventure. Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou is coming in September:

Okamiden: Chisaki TaiyouJPN US$ 48.99

Use your magic and your sword to save the world. You control a team of three people, a half elf who has lost his parents at a young age due to war, a wise giant who seems to be on adventure just for the sake of it and a vampire girl who joins your group with an unknown agenda.

Each of the characters have a different way to fight, the half elf could use both swords and magic, the giant uses his fist and his massive body and the vampire is agile and very fast. Switch them around during battles to gain an advantage over the enemies that attempt to crush you with their numbers.

The free scenario system gives you full control over your own destiny and the pace with which you reveal character stories. Now on the PlayStation 3™, this high fantasy world is more beautiful than ever. Trinity: Zill'Oll Zero will come in September:

Trinity: Zill O'll ZeroJPN US$ 19.99
Trinity: Zill O'll Zero [Premium Box]JPN US$ 88.99

Choose your magic school. Mahou to Gakuen Mono 3 (affectionately dubbed Totomono 3) will offer you a cast of different characters, story line, monsters and dungeons depending on your choice. All you have to do is design your character, choose your team and establish the relationships between members.

With the PlayStation 3 graphics, you'd have even grander dungeons and more varieties of monsters and items. The game events will be fully voiced by famous seiyuu and you will also be completely free to develop your character into anything you like by joining different classes and sub classes.

Ken to Gakuen Mono 3 will come in September, right in time for autumn term:

Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. 3JPN US$ 41.99

There is also a Sony PSP version:

Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. 3JPN N/A

After bringing the Vocaloid idol Miku and her friends to the Sony PSP, Sega decides to bring the K-ON! girls to your wide screen. See the girls interact in the event scenes, listen to their cute and energetic voices and watch them play around in Chibi forms.

The rules of the game are simple, just press the right button when the note hits the bar. Jam songs with your favorite girl band After School Tea Time and play their songs, such as Cagayake Girls and Don't Say Lazy. You'll win items and costumes when you clear stages. So dress the girls up and decorate the room as you go along.

Turn on your adhoc network function to call your friends to jam song. The complicated music become easy jobs if you play together. A total of five people can join a session, so step into the shoes of your dream girl and play.

K-On! Houkago Live!! will come in September:

K-On! Houkago Live!!JPN US$ 60.90

To celebrate the event and show your affection for the girls, dress your Sony PSP up the K-ON! way. The accessory pack comes with a pouch to protect your console from falls, a silicon cover which bears Yui's silhouette and music notes, and 5 UMD cases that feature all 5 girls. The set is coming September:

K-On! Houkago Live!! (Accessory Set)JPN N/A

Be ready to battle Aizen and his Espat troops. For the first time in Bleach the Soul history, you will face off with all ten of the group and get to control the larger characters. You will be offered 80 characters in total in this fighter and a chance to finally beat the traitor of Soul Society.

Heat the Soul 7 features a new fight mode - the Battle Royale. Ask some friends to join and see who could stay fighting till the very end. Besides seeing the end of Aizen, you'd also meet the original character Muramasa and play missions from the original story- Zanpakuto Ibunroku.

Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 will come in September:

Bleach: Heat the Soul 7JPN N/A

Build your Robot, select parts to form the body, arms, legs and weapons. Then program the software chip that oversees your general battle tactics. How you prepare your mecha is the key to winning in Carnage Heart.

After 15 years, the popular robot simulation Carnage Heart is back, this time on the Sony PSP. You follow the Taiwanese college student on a life-changing adventure. This time, your tactics is not the only thing tested in battle, your fighting skills will be very useful, so be sure to sharpen it before jumping in.

Carnage Heart EXA will come in October:

Carnage Heart EXAJPN US$ 58.80

Try out the PlayStation3 Move System this October. A series of games will be released soon for the Move. You can get used to the system through the Starter Pack and move on to family games such as Eye Pet and Move de Party.

If you find these too tame for your tastes, you can twist your brain into a pretzel in Mugen Kairo: Hikari To Kage no Hako or plug in the Shooting Attachment and gun down the zombies in PlayStation Move Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition.

These games will start appearing in our warehouse in late October:

Beat Sketch!JPN US$ 17.99
Big 3 Gun ShootingJPN US$ 54.99
Me & My PetJPN US$ 22.99
Kung Fu RiderJPN US$ 19.99
Move Sports Champions (Starter Bundle)US N/A
Move de PartyJPN US$ 12.99
Mugen Kairo Hikari To Kage no HakoJPN US$ 17.99
NikudanJPN US$ 39.80
PlayStation Move Big 3 Gun Shooting Perfect PackJPN N/A
PlayStation Move Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition Special PackJPN N/A
PlayStation Move Starter PackJPN N/A
Sports ChampionJPN US$ 29.99
TV SuperstarsJPN US$ 9.99

Move Components
Playstation Move Charging StationUS N/A
Playstation Move Charging StationJPN N/A
Playstation Move Motion ControllerJPN N/A
Playstation Move Motion ControllerUS N/A
Playstation Move Navigation ControllerJPN N/A
Playstation Move Navigation ControllerUS N/A
Playstation Move Shooting AttachmentUS N/A
Playstation Move Shooting AttachmentJPN N/A

Optimized for wireless gaming and application, the Caanoo is another leap from the current Wiz system, taking open source handhelds to a new level! You can create games, share them through the internet and even earn money through your creations.

The consoles will come in August and we will be accepting preorders today. For more information on the specifications and related products, please see this special news.

GP2X Caanoo Game System (black/blue)KOR N/A
GP2X Caanoo Game System (white)KOR N/A

Xbox360™ Pre-Orders (20)

Mafia II [Collector's Edition]ASIASep 03, 2010N/A
Bayonetta (Platinum Collection)JPNSep 02, 2010US$ 54.99
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Reprint)JPNSep 02, 2010N/A
Halo 3: ODST (Platinum Collection)JPNSep 02, 2010US$ 29.90
Left 4 Dead 2 (Platinum Collection)JPNSep 02, 2010N/A
UFC Undisputed 2010JPNSep 09, 2010US$ 72.90
Halo ReachJPNSep 15, 2010US$ 40.90
Halo Reach [Legendary Edition]JPNSep 15, 2010US$ 273.99
Halo Reach [Limited Edition]JPNSep 15, 2010US$ 89.99
Devil May Cry 4 (Platinum Collection)JPNSep 22, 2010US$ 21.99
SingularityJPNSep 22, 2010US$ 35.99
Monster Hunter Frontier Online Season 9.0 [Premium Package Collector's Edition]JPNSep 29, 2010N/A
Monster Hunter Frontier Online Season 9.0 [Premium Package]JPNSep 29, 2010N/A
Madden NFL 11JPNSep 30, 2010US$ 49.90
Dead Rising 2 (Zombrex Edition)USSep 30, 2010N/A
VanquishJPNOct 21, 2010US$ 24.99
NBA 2K11USOct 08, 2010N/A
The King of Fighters XIIIUSNov 22, 2011N/A
The King of Fighters XIIIJPNDec 01, 2011US$ 68.99
The King of Fighters XIIIASIANov 22, 2011N/A


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PlayStation3™ Pre-Orders (39)

Major League Baseball 2K10JPNAug 26, 2010US$ 27.90
Mafia II [Collector's Edition]ASIAAug 27, 2010N/A
Bayonetta (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNSep 02, 2010N/A
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Reprint)JPNSep 02, 2010N/A
FIFA Soccer 10 World Class Soccer (EA Best Hits)JPNSep 02, 2010US$ 30.90
NBA Live 10 (EA Best Hits)JPNSep 02, 2010N/A
Need for Speed Shift (EA Best Hits)JPNSep 02, 2010US$ 30.90
Split/SecondJPNSep 09, 2010US$ 72.90
UFC Undisputed 2010JPNSep 09, 2010N/A
Fuel (Codemasters the Best)JPNSep 16, 2010US$ 39.90
Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. 3JPNOct 07, 2010US$ 41.99
Devil May Cry 4 (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNSep 22, 2010US$ 39.99
SingularityJPNSep 22, 2010US$ 20.99
Winning Post 7 2010JPNSep 22, 2010US$ 75.60
Rorona no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNSep 23, 2010N/A
Madden NFL 11JPNSep 30, 2010US$ 49.90
Trinity: Zill O'll ZeroJPNNov 25, 2010US$ 19.99
Trinity: Zill O'll Zero [Premium Box]JPNNov 25, 2010US$ 88.99
Dead Rising 2 (Zombrex Edition)USSep 28, 2010N/A
Beat Sketch!JPNOct 21, 2010US$ 17.99
Big 3 Gun ShootingJPNOct 21, 2010US$ 54.99
Me & My PetJPNOct 21, 2010US$ 22.99
Kung Fu RiderJPNOct 21, 2010US$ 19.99
PlayStation Move Big 3 Gun Shooting Perfect PackJPNOct 21, 2010N/A
PlayStation Move Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition Special PackJPNOct 21, 2010N/A
PlayStation Move Starter PackJPNOct 21, 2010N/A
Sports ChampionJPNOct 21, 2010US$ 29.99
VanquishJPNOct 21, 2010US$ 24.99
NBA 2K11USOct 08, 2010US$ 9.99
Gran Turismo 5 (Collector's Edition)USDec 03, 2010N/A
Move de PartyJPNNov 18, 2010US$ 12.99
Mugen Kairo Hikari To Kage no HakoJPNDec 23, 2010US$ 17.99
NikudanJPNNov 18, 2010US$ 39.80
TV SuperstarsJPNDec 09, 2010US$ 9.99
Killzone 3ASIAFeb 22, 2011N/A
inFAMOUS 2USJun 07, 2011US$ 14.99
The King of Fighters XIIIUSNov 22, 2011N/A
The King of Fighters XIIIJPNDec 01, 2011US$ 69.99
The King of Fighters XIIIASIANov 22, 2011N/A


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Nintendo Wii™ Pre-Orders (3)

Deca Sporta 3: Wii de Sports 10 Shumoku!JPNSep 16, 2010US$ 26.99
NBA 2K11USOct 20, 2010US$ 54.99
PokePark Wii: Pikachu's AdventureUSNov 05, 2010N/A


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PlayStation2™ Pre-Orders (5)

FIFA Soccer 10 World Class Soccer (EA:SY! 1980)JPNSep 02, 2010N/A
Musou Orochi (PlayStation2 the Best)JPNSep 02, 2010US$ 24.90
Sangokushi XI with Power-Up Kit (Koei the Best)JPNSep 02, 2010N/A
Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special (PlayStation2 the Best)JPNSep 02, 2010US$ 39.99
NBA 2K11USOct 05, 2010US$ 34.90


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Nintendo DS™ Pre-Orders (9)

Jinsei Game Q DS: Heisei no Dekigoto (Takara Tomy the Best)JPNSep 16, 2010US$ 28.90
Manepa 1000-Bannin no FX Training: Leverage Kisei TaioubanJPNSep 16, 2010US$ 39.90
Pokemon Black <div class="ext ext_"></div>JPNSep 18, 2010N/A
Pokemon White <div class="ext ext_"></div>JPNSep 18, 2010N/A
Jinguuji Saburou DS: Akai ChouJPNSep 30, 2010N/A
Kirihara Shoten Forest: Eigo @ DS (Best Version)JPNSep 30, 2010US$ 39.99
Okamiden: Chisaki TaiyouJPNSep 30, 2010US$ 48.99
Pokemon Black Version <div class="ext ext_"></div>USMar 07, 2011US$ 49.99
Pokemon White Version <div class="ext ext_"></div>USMar 07, 2011US$ 39.99


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Sony PSP™ Pre-Orders (26)

Major League Baseball 2K10JPNAug 26, 2010US$ 47.90
Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP the Best)JPNAug 26, 2010US$ 37.90
Bleach: Heat the Soul 7JPNSep 02, 2010N/A
NBA Live 10 (EA Best Hits)JPNSep 02, 2010US$ 28.90
Need for Speed: Shift (EA Best Hits)JPNSep 02, 2010US$ 28.90
Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes (PSP the Best)JPNSep 09, 2010US$ 29.99
Sengoku Efuda Yuugi: Hototogisu TairanJPNSep 09, 2010US$ 35.99
Vitamin X Evolution PlusJPNSep 09, 2010US$ 19.99
Vitamin X Evolution Plus [Limited Edition]JPNSep 09, 2010N/A
Blue Roses: Yousei to Aoi Hitomi no SenshitachiJPNSep 16, 2010US$ 16.99
Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. 3JPNOct 07, 2010N/A
Trick x Logic: Season 2JPNSep 16, 2010US$ 35.99
Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena 2 - Spirits Burst (Best Collection)JPNSep 22, 2010US$ 34.99
Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou [Premium Box]JPNSep 22, 2010N/A
Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Ryouran * Sangokushi Engi - Wu-Hen [Limited Edition]JPNSep 22, 2010N/A
Winning Post 7 2010JPNSep 22, 2010US$ 49.99
Eiyuu Densetsu: Zero no KisekiJPNSep 30, 2010N/A
Eiyuu Densetsu: Zero no Kiseki [Drama CD Edition]JPNSep 30, 2010N/A
Hiiro no Kakera: Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou PortableJPNSep 30, 2010US$ 58.99
Hiiro no Kakera: Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou Portable [Limited Edition]JPNSep 30, 2010N/A
K-On! Houkago Live!!JPNSep 30, 2010US$ 60.90
Madden NFL 11JPNSep 30, 2010US$ 39.90
Starry * Sky: In Summer - PSP EditionJPNSep 30, 2010US$ 29.99
Starry * Sky: In Summer - PSP Edition [Limited Edition]JPNSep 30, 2010N/A
Carnage Heart EXAJPNOct 28, 2010US$ 58.80
Split/SecondUSNov 22, 2010N/A


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PC Game Pre-Orders (2)

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (DVD-ROM) (Southeast Asia Edition)ASIAJul 27, 2010N/A
NBA 2K11 (DVD-ROM)USOct 08, 2010US$ 34.90


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