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On the toilet - DJ Max Portable Emotional Sense Package, Mr. Toilet Big and Small, Kingdom Hearts Avatar Straps, Rise Swim Suit & more!

First of all, here is a message to all of you who are thinking of getting Final Fantsy XIII. The Asian version is available for shipping at 24h now, those who don't want to wait any longer, come get this version. We are still getting more Japanese Now that's taken care of, let's have a look at what we've got today.

Feel the beat of Emotional Sense, get both games in the same package. Start your DJ challenge from the simpler Clazziquai and move eventually toward the veteran playground - Black Square. This is a budget version, a perfect opening for those of you new to the ultra hip Korean rhythm game.

The box art is cool and stylish, the graphics in the game ranges from cute to sexy to abstract. The series has always have support from talented composers throughout Korea and Japan. The songs are upbeat and energetic, Clazziquai has some playful hits while Black Square has more intricate melodies.

Be sure to clear the game to unlock more songs and MTVs, these are sights to behold.

Sick of Christmas Carols? Try something more exotic.

DJ Max Portable BS & CE Two in One PackageKOR N/A sold

Place Mr. Toilet in your sitting room, in front of your TV and sit on it as you play your games. Unlike the normal ceramic toilets with cold and hard seats, this one is soft, plushy and very warm. You can hold him in your arms even if you consider yourself too big to sit on it. Come on! the toilet is the most important part of a household.

This is an absolute delight in freezing winter nights. A good substitute for those of you who do not yet have those heated toilet seats so popular in Japan. And of course, you are not to do your toilet business on Mr. Toilet, although he is complete with a lid and seat.

Mr. Toilet has arrived, there are big and small versions.

Pants Pankurou Mr. Toilet Plush: Mr. Toilet (L)JPN N/A sold
Pants Pankurou Mr. Toilet Plush: Mr. Toilet (S)JPN N/A sold

More characters are joining the mobile Kingdom Hearts game, and therefore more inspiration for the toy makers. In this second volume, we have one of the most popular anti-heroes, who knew that the One Winged Angel would look so cute.

Vivi the black mage is perfect for Halloween, or a nightmare before Christmas. Leon, one of the most valuable ally, is always stylish.

Axel and Sora also pops up for a second time in different outfits and postures, so for those who have not been able to pick them up last time, this is the long awaited second chance.

The 2nd series of Kingdom Hearts Avatars have come:

Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.2: AxelJPN N/A sold
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.2: LeonJPN N/A sold
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.2: SephirothJPN N/A sold
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.2: Sora (Halloween Town Version)JPN N/A sold
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.2: ViviJPN N/A sold

Rise, one of the most eligible bachellorettes in Persona 4 is here to model swimsuits that are fashionable this summer. With hair flying around her and smiling just a little coyly at you, Rise is a picture of youthful sophistication, a natural star, as her manager called her once.

The sparkly yellow and orange of her swim suit combined with her healthy looking body is enticing and the Kuma, or Teddie strap she tied to her mobile phone is a playful touch.

Besides filming and playing, the girl is also ready to guide the team into the TV world. This package comes with her glasses, a pair that is ready for wearing and a pair folded up. The extra right hand piece that comes with the figure can hold her glasses, just assemble it whenever you want her to pose with it.

Rise has arrived in a yellow swimsuit, just like a ray of sunshine in the Winter:

Persona 4 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Kujikawa Rise (Swimsuit Version)JPN N/A sold

Also in stock today:

Guitar Hero: Van HalenUS US$ 22.99 1-2w

Guitar Hero: Van HalenUS US$ 22.99 1-2w

Guitar Hero: Van HalenUS US$ 44.90 5-15d

Sony PSP™ Go
Ultra Slim Guard Skin (Light Black) N/A sold
Ultra Slim Guard Skin (Light White) US$ 0.99 24h

Headphones with Microphone (Black) N/A sold

PC Game
Headphones with Microphone (Black) N/A sold

Game Guides
Codes & Cheats Winter 2010US N/A sold
Mobile Suit Gundam - Tenchi Souzou - 30th Anniversary Art CollectionJPN N/A sold

New toy arrivals
Queens Blade Busts Statue Vol. 3 Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPN N/A sold
Shining Wind 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kanon SeenaJPN N/A sold


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