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On to the crime scene - LA Noire, Akai Katana Shin, UnchainBlades ReXX, Duke Nukem Forever, Catherine (US ver.), Agarest Senki Zero (US ver.) & more! - in New Games for Preorder!

Welcome to our Weekly Preorder Games news. Keep yourself abreast, read up on games that are just announced for release. Solve crimes in the darkest and most glamorous of cities in LA Noire, shoot down everything in Cave's Akai Katana Shin, become a dragon king with attitude problems in UnchainBlades ReXX and relieve all your stress in Duke Nukem Forever.

Los Angeles is one of the most glamorous places in the world, but in 1945, it's also the most violent place. Become a detective and solve the grisly murders that plagued the city. Rockstar Games re-created the darkened streets, crystal chandeliers and spiced up the city with jazz and corruption.

The game makes use of cutting edge animation technologies to deliver the most cinematic experience. When you interrogate witnesses, look carefully into their faces and their body language, every tick, every telltale blink counts in your investigation. Find out who's behind the string of violent cases before he rips the city apart.

Pit yourself against the gangs and the corruption this May:

L.A. NoireASIA N/A
L.A. NoireUS US$ 19.99

L.A. NoireASIA N/A
L.A. NoireUS N/A

Akai Katana takes place in a parallel world that resembles Japan's Taisho period. Here, people discovered a blood sword that takes human sacrifices to unleash its mass destructive power. The empire uses these swords and sacrificed their people to conquer other countries.

All the bloodshed and power gained through sacrificing close family members made some of the swordsmen change their stances. With new fighter planes and the powered up swords at their disposal, they fought back against the empire.

The Xbox360 has new stages, new characters and a new system. The graphics are adapted to suit a 16:9 screen and everything is even more beautiful and challenging than ever.

Find your sword and your sacrifice to end all violence. Akai Katana Shin comes in May:

Akai Katana ShinJPN N/A
Akai Katana Shin [First Print Limited Edition]JPN N/A

A dream team of Japanese game developers come together to create this colorful RPG. Illustrators such as Pako of Shining Force Feather fame designed the characters, and Nobuo Uematsu composed the theme song. UnchainBlades ReXX is full of flames, spice, high fantasy and fights.

The dragon king Fang angered the goddess Kuryunea with his arrogant attitude and ended up as a human. Still, he won't mend his ways, he picked up his sword, recruited the phoenix princess into his team and decided to get his powers back through the most destructive ways. Slay the monsters, prove that nobody could strip you of your might.

Fight in 3D, UnchainBlades ReXX is available on both Nintendo 3DS™ and Sony PSP™:

Nintendo 3DS™
UnchainBlades ReXXJPN US$ 54.99

Sony PSP™
UnchainBlades ReXXJPN US$ 29.99

Save the day, save the babes. That's Duke Nukem's life. Put on your sunglasses and live it. The aliens are back and the pig cops are on his tail, but that ain't no problem, just load your gun and shoot them down. Take yourself on a stress relieving journey where your guts make your decisions for you.

The game has more weapons, bigger monsters, the women becomes more beautiful and you are even more busy. When you're done blowing up the massive aliens, take some time to read adult magazines, leave messages on the boards and just don't take yourself too seriously.

Duke Nukem Forever comes in May:

Duke Nukem ForeverASIA N/A
Duke Nukem ForeverUS US$ 13.99

Duke Nukem ForeverASIA US$ 19.99
Duke Nukem ForeverUS US$ 14.99

PC Game
Duke Nukem Forever (DVD-ROM)US US$ 54.90

Happy cheating with Catherine. The Persona Team's latest hit makes gamers sweat, boil their blood and then dunk them into a hellish nightmare populated by sheep men. Become Vincent and escape the horrors caused by that one night stand with the beautiful Catherine and escape the wrath of his long time girlfriend Katherine.

Agarest Senki Zero takes gamers back to the ancient times, fight the threat in that land, win the heart of a beautiful woman and pass your abilities on to the next generation. The game gives you new battle skills and the static 2D pictures are animated, so the ladies become even more life-like and charming.

Agarest Zenki Zero comes in June while Catherine comes in July:

Catherine (Primary Cover)US US$ 21.99
Record of Agarest War ZeroUS N/A

Catherine (Primary Cover)US US$ 16.99
Record of Agarest War Zero (Limited Edition)US N/A


Dragon Age IIUSMar 11, 2011US$ 24.99
NASCAR The Game 2011ASIAMar 29, 2011N/A
Lost Planet 2 (Platinum Collection)JPNApr 14, 2011US$ 49.90
Virtua Tennis 4ASIAApr 29, 2011N/A
Akai Katana ShinJPNMay 26, 2011N/A
Akai Katana Shin [First Print Limited Edition]JPNMay 26, 2011N/A
Duke Nukem ForeverASIAJun 10, 2011N/A
Record of Agarest War ZeroUSJun 17, 2011N/A
Record of Agarest War Zero (Limited Edition)USJun 17, 2011N/A
Catherine (Primary Cover)USJul 28, 2011US$ 21.99


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PlayStation3™ (14)

Dragon Age IIUSMar 11, 2011US$ 24.99
PlayStation Move Heroes (PlayStation Move Bundle)ASIAMar 22, 2011N/A
Top Spin 4 (PlayStation Move Bundle)ASIAMar 18, 2011N/A
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011 (PlayStation3 the Best)ASIAApr 11, 2011N/A
Lost Planet 2 (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNApr 14, 2011N/A
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4JPNApr 21, 2011US$ 40.90
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 [Collector's Edition]JPNApr 21, 2011US$ 69.99
SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs (Full Deployment Edition)USApr 26, 2011N/A
Virtua Tennis 4ASIAApr 29, 2011N/A
Duke Nukem ForeverASIAJun 10, 2011US$ 19.99
inFAMOUS 2 (Hero Edition)USJun 09, 2011N/A
Record of Agarest War ZeroUSJun 17, 2011N/A
Record of Agarest War Zero (Limited Edition)USJun 17, 2011N/A
Catherine (Primary Cover)USJul 28, 2011US$ 16.99


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Nintendo™ Wii (1)

Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles (Best Price!)JPNApr 21, 2011US$ 34.99


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Nintendo 3DS™ (4)

Kuukan Sagashimono Kei: Nouryoku Kaihatsu 3D Nou TrainingJPNApr 07, 2011US$ 9.99
Deca Sporta: 3D SportsJPNApr 28, 2011US$ 69.99
Touch!! Double Pen SportsJPNJun 02, 2011US$ 22.90
UnchainBlades ReXXJPNJul 14, 2011US$ 54.99


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Nintendo™ DS (4)

Metal Fight Beyblade: Bakutan Cyber Pegasus (Value Price)JPNApr 07, 2011US$ 14.99
RockMan Zero Collection (NEW Best Price! 2000)JPNApr 21, 2011US$ 39.99
Kirei Zukin Seikatsu 2JPNApr 28, 2011US$ 49.90
Treasure ReportJPNMay 26, 2011N/A


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Sony™ PSP (3)

Last Ranker (Best Price!)JPNApr 14, 2011N/A
MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu Mura (PSP the Best)JPNApr 21, 2011N/A
UnchainBlades ReXXJPNJul 14, 2011US$ 29.99


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PC Game (1)

Dragon Age II (DVD-ROM)USMar 11, 2011N/A


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