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Once Upon A Time In China III [Remastered In 4K]

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黃飛鴻(李連杰 飾)偕十三姨(關之琳 飾)、梁寬(莫少聰 飾)赴京探父黃麒英,從其父受傷事件得知清廷舉辦「獅王大會」,名為鼓勵民間習武,實則挑釁武界人士爭鬥,地方土豪趙天霸欲壟斷「獅王大會」,更以鬼腳七(熊欣欣 飾)剷除異己。寬為英報仇,誤斷鬼腳七的腳,令他遭趙遺棄,後得黃替其療傷,對黃氏父子非常感激,遂在「獅王大會」中與黃聯袂出獅,經過一場血戰,終力壓群雄,成為「中國獅王」.

Visiting his father in Beijing, just as the Empress calls for a national King Lion Competition, Wong Fei Hung finds a rival in Leung Fun (Max Mok) and his formidable fighter, Club Foot (Xiong Xin Xin ), who had previously attacked his father. Meanwhile, Wong also faces a possible romantic rival for Aunt Yee’s (Rosamund Kwan) affection in a Russian diplomat whom she knew back in school. However when a plot to assassinate the Governor at the lion dance competition is uncovered by Aunt Yee, Wong must now enter the competition and use his skill to save the Governor and defeat Leung Fun.

4K Ultra HD Remastered Collection Blu-ray


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