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Our Fate Materials: Fate 5 Hollow Material, Shana figure - Casual and Strawberry Milk ver., The Last Story European version, K-ON - Yui and Azusa Festival ver, One Piece Grandline Children Rob Lucci, Jabra & more!

The world of Fate is vast. The Complete Materials series comes with everything in the Fate/hollow Ataraxia. This fifth book contains more character visuals and illustrations for the main game, the book includes more pictures from the mini games Trouble Hanazatu Touchuuki and Fuun Iriya Shiro.

Get to know the characters, reveal the different facets of their personality. No matter which route your went through during the game, you can see the full range of expressions on the characters in the sketches. There are also materials that didn't make it to the game, but none the less fascinating. See the characters' initial designs in the rough sketches and the characters who didn't show up in the final game.

Read about the creators' comments on the series, Takeuchi and Nasu are talking about their project, see what insights they offer, and take a deeper look into the Fate franchise:

Fate Complete Material 5 Hollow MaterialJPN US$ 45.905-15d

Ruri island is the last safe place in the world, it's magical canon keeps the warring nation's fleets at bay, yet it attracts a vast amount of monsters to it. Elza is one of the orphans who seeks a living as a mercenary soldier, although he has found a family with his troops, he nonetheless longed for a more stable life.

His chance to rise above his status came when the count of Ruri-island hired his troops for some dangerous missions, if he could impress the count enough, he could become one of the knights. And in the first mission, he was sent to a mysterious cave, there he acquired a mysterious power...

The game spots robust online and single player modes. The monsters are massive, so you might want to gather a group of warriors online to take them down. You can also see who is the strongest warrior by engaging in some player vs player fights.

The Last Story simply promises to be epic. The European version is available today:

The Last StoryEUR N/Asold

The Japanese version is still available:

The Last StoryJPN US$ 19.9924h

The black Arastol coat is absolutely handy, but there are times when a girl wants to look pretty. Shana sheds her usual battle gear for a frilly blouse and a short skirt. The bow by her waist and the hanging ribbons are rare accessories. Scowling but smiling, she combines both sides of her tsundere personality into her expression.

The pinkness of the shirt and the rich darkness of her hair sets off the sharpness of each colour. When Shana deactivates her powers, she looks like a normal girl dressed up for her date. But don't for a moment think she is harmless, for she comes with a long sword that she didn't bother to hide.

Dating and shadow slaying goes hand in hand:

Shakugan no Shana 3 - Final 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Shana Casual Ver.JPN N/Asold
Shakugan no Shana 3 - Final 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Shana Strawberry Milk Ver.JPN N/Asold

Yui just doesn't stop performing. She proves that she is an all round artist here. When the local festival comes up, she dresses in her kimono and alter the songs to suit the tastes of the elderly. But what is an entertainer if she doesn't amuse herself? She makes sure that everyone on and off stage have the same amount of fun.

Initially reluctant, Azunyan finally allows Yui to drag her into their latest performance. She soon drops her awkwardness when she hears her audience's cheers. Instead of an electronic guitar, she goes for the long handled paper fan. With the rhythm at her fingertips and the melody in her mind, she accompanies Yui's every song and gag.

Town festivals are fun when these girls are around:

K-On! Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Azusa NakanoJPN N/Asold
K-On! Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Hirasawa YuiJPN N/Asold

The group come together in the trading figure set, everyone has their instruments and is ready to make some music:

K-ON!! Ho-Kago Tea TimeJPN N/Asold

One Piece is always full of humour, the most warlike person is friends with a pigeon and wears the words Peace on his chest. Rob Lucci is born to walk the path of a C9 Agent. His scowl alone can probably send the local bullies in his street running, and although he holds an olive branch, its highly likely that he's using it as a whip.

Jabra the werewolf is another one who's born to walk the path of the warrior. No one from One Piece look tame even when they were young, but Jabra is exceptionally fierce. He doesn't even bother hiding his violent nature. With a scar on his face, he acquires the alpha wolf status at a young age. Pit him against Rob Lucci.

The leopard and the werewolf are here to fight their never ending war. Take their sparks into your display case:

One Piece The Grandline Children Vol. 3 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: JabraJPN US$ 1.9924h
One Piece The Grandline Children Vol. 3 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Rob RucciJPN US$ 4.9924h

There are more pirates looking to join a new crew. Try your luck to see whether you get a sea lord with admirable qualities:

XXXOne Piece Super Effect Seven Warlords of The Sea Vol.2 Pre-Painted PVC FigureXXXXJPN N/Asold

Also available today:

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SyndicateEUR N/Asold
The Adventures of Tintin: The GameUS US$ 19.991-2w

Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate EditionEUR N/Asold
Musou Orochi Z (PlayStation3 the Best)ASIA N/Asold
National Geographic ChallengeUS N/Asold

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PokePark 2: Wonders BeyondUS N/Asold

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