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Party Queen [CD+DVD]

Audio CD
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track listing

Disc 1:
1. how beautiful you are
2. Return Road
3. Shake It□
4. NaNaNa
5. Party queen
6. Letter
7. call
8. reminds me
9. the next LOVE
10. Eyes, Smoke, Magic
11. Tell me why
12. taskebab
13. a cup of tea
14. Serenade in A minor

Disc 2:
1. how beautiful you are (video clip)
2. Return Road (video clip)
3. Shake It□ (video clip)
4. NaNaNa (video clip)
5. how beautiful you are (making clip)
6. Return Road (making clip)
7. Shake It (making clip)
8. NaNaNa (making clip)


Attending Ayumi Hamasaki's parties is a real treat. She shows everyone a new facet of herself for every song. Party Queen, her newest original album contains a total of 14 tracks of new songs. None of them has been recorded elsewhere. Start the musical party with the mellow ballad How Beautiful You Are and build up the passion. She ends the disc with Party Queen, the theme song for the Peach John's commercial. The stylish and sexy disco beat set the listener's hearts pulsing to her rhthym. A true firework to the end of the album.

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