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Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
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  • Develop new buildings and bases to organize your troops
  • Add to the tactical possibilities by enhancing your soliders with nanotechnology
  • Use the energy extracted through terraforming to power your units, building and force shield
  • Control your troops through Command Groups - lead up to 500 individual units at once
  • Incredible depth of gameplay - 27 missions, 24 structures, 30 single-player maps and 6 multiplayer maps


In Perimeter you are thrust into a detailed science fiction world that combines innovative warfare and terraforming capabilities. In this real-time strategy game you'll seize territory as a member of the Exodus civilization, humans who abandoned a dying Earth long ago. To survive you must conquer and colonize lands, form protective perimeters and use powerful nanotechnologies to create modifiable combat units that can be organized into squads and transformed right on the battlefield.

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