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Phil Spencer Says Xbox One Isn't As Big In Japan Due to Preferring Games Such as Persona 5 or Nioh

This week's Famitsu magazine contains an interview with Phil Spencer about the Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, VR among other things. During the interview, the Famitsu staff ask how he feels about the poor sales in Japan and when asked to elaborate, he replied by saying that Japanese gamers prefer to play games such as Persona 5 or Nioh and that many of their games may not be what they're into.
Weekly Famitsu No. 1455 (2016 11/03) (JPN) sold

I'm interested in seeing when the Xbox One S will be released in Japan as the console has already been released in several countries already.

Phil Spencer:  We believe in the Xbox One S. In the past two months it has been the Number 1 selling console in North America and has been selling well and it’s looking good for potential sales across Europe and Australia. We’ve also had a lot of feedback from Japanese developers with varying comments which will help us when it comes to releasing it in Japan and what kind of games fans would like to see developed for the system in the future.

When will the Xbox One S release across Japan?

Phill: We announced a release for 2016 but we only have a few months before the years up huh haha. But don’t worry it will come out before the end of the year, we just need to confirm the amount of units we will ship across the country and we’re good to go!

Also regarding your future console titled “Project Scorpio”, would you say it’s more of a High End Xbox One?

Phil: It’s a member of the Xbox One Family, you’ll be able to play the same games on both Xbox One S & Scorpio platforms and the controllers will be useable on both consoles as well. We also will delve into cross generation, where regardless of console you’ll be able to play with your friends and family similar to the “Xbox Anywhere” concept where people who have Windows 10 installed on their PC can play certain games with people on Xbox One.

Are you worried that the Playstation 4 Pro, which will also offer 4K gaming, releasing earlier will get in the way of sales of Project Scorpio?

Phil: I have no worries at all. We understand that the Playstation 4 Pro has a firm grasp of the current game market but we want to spend more time understanding the market and the ins and outs of future technology in order to create a system with a true sense of 4K gaming. We want to sit down and get to know each and every component going into the console and how we can perfect it showing the best gaming can offer.

Do you think you can bring a “true sense of 4K gaming” by next year?

Phil: Definitely. We’re currently focusing on the current situation revolving the Xbox One S and our steady advancement of 4K gaming with Project Scorpio in terms of performance as well as receiving feedback from developers regarding the Scorpio. We truly believe that Project Scorpio will be available next year without fail.

How do you feel about the current Xbox One market in Japan? As you have seen it is not doing well in sales, what are your current thoughts regarding this matter?

Phil: Sadly the Xbox One is not living up to the amount of sales I originally thought the country would put out, but with the Xbox One S we will release it in Japan and with the co-operation of many developers we’re hoping to make a giant change in sales compared to the current climate!
What are your personal thoughts on why the Xbox One is not a much bigger name over here in Japan?

Phil: I think it’s due to a lot of games that are released on the console, I feel that a lot of the games are not games that the Japanese public would play and get themselves into. A lot of Japanese gamers really seem to like games such as Persona 5 or Nioh and that is why we decided to get in touch with Japanese developers to create such games as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360. If we plan on doing better in the Japanese game market we want to release games that the average Japanese gamer will really enjoy.

You are working close with Japanese developers to create games for the Xbox One, how is it going so far?

Phil: So far we have made friends with a variety of developers that then asked to create games for our system; such as Mr. Inafune Keiji with ReCore & Mr. Kamiya Hideki and the staff from Platinum Games for the development of Scalebound. We plan to talk with many other developers in order to bring more games to the Japanese market, we were happy to announce Final Fantasy XV on the Xbox One which made me extremely happy and as mentioned we plan on a lot more connections.

Since Sony has released their VR headset I want to ask, will Project Scorpio ever be packaged with a VR unit of sorts in the future?

Phil: There are various other VR headsets such as the “Oculus Rift” or the “Vive” and the creators of such VR headsets like to look at the consoles highly in my opinion. When it comes to creating games for the PC some people may not be able to play a lot of games due to the specification of their PC’s hardware, however since the developers know the exact specifications of the consoles games can be created for a cheaper price but still be a beautiful and enjoyable experience. In short, I am looking forward to the VR market in the future.

I’m getting away from the Xbox Family talk and I want to ask you a question regarding the MR Microsoft Hololens. Do you think we will see a whole lot of playable games using the Hololens?

Phil: Oh absolutely, There is a lot of talks in the back concerning playing games in MR! VR does allow you to enter a virtual world but only within a certain space, MR however further establishes this by blurring the lines between Reality and the virtual world. It sounds scary but it just shows how much can be created and enjoyed.

We can’t get into the specifics at the moment but we can say for sure that everything is going swimmingly at this current stage!

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