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Pigs and Cats - the alternate side of Monster Hunter - Pugi, Airu, Meraru, The Pig (Artlist), Shin Kougou, Dragon Quest Dragon Ball trading figures, Kanagi tea cup, Gurren Lagan straps

Pigs and cats, swords and dragons, Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 blended the scaly sharp and the softly cute together into one wonderful package. While the Limited Editions present gamers with a clear plastic dragon, Banpresto and Capcom are releasing a series of Pugi, Airu and Meraru plushes.

Pugi and Airu have become stars the day they started making Monster Hunter commercials for Nintendo Wii. Besides taking care of you during the game, they are here to look after your real life needs.

Decorate your tissue box with the Pugi plush. Summer is a time where people have hay fever suffer, make your life more colorful and comfortable with the help of the pigs. Perfectly healthy and doesn't need a box of tissue with you? Pugi works very well as a cuddling partner and a cushion.

Get the Pugi that goes with the tone of your home of office.

Monster Hunter Plush Doll Tissue Cover Box : Pugi (Light Blue Stripes Version)JPN N/A sold
Monster Hunter Plush Doll Tissue Cover Box : Pugi (Melon Version)JPN N/A sold

Airu and Meraru are here as plushes, with large eyed inquisitiveness, they are ready to travel to your home and explore. Airu comes with his acorn and Meraru has his scarf. One look at the comical expressions on the cats is all you need to energize yourself in the morning.

Airu has become a star, but let's not neglect Meraru. Both have been your loyal side-kicks during the hunt and are sometimes the key to victory, it's your turn to take care of them in the real world.

Made of soft, velvety material, the cats won't collect that much dust or leave trails of fur on your floor. Airu and Meraru have wondered into our warehouse today, looking for a master, adopt them for:

Monster Hunter Super DX Plush Doll: AiruJPN N/A sold
Monster Hunter Super DX Plush Doll: MeraruJPN N/A sold

Pigs are definitely in vogue here, beside Pugi, we have The Pig from Artlist. Here to spend the summer with you, the pigs are bringing you gifts of ice cream cones and a banana boat. Clamped onto the food, The Pigs are as unwilling to let go of the deserts are you are of them.

The keyrings are a combination of textures. The mascot pig is made of hard plastic with pen stripes as fur while the food are made of soft plastic, perfect for squeezing and training your grip with.

By the way, although the ice cream and the banana look absolutely realistic and delicious, they are not edible, please keep them away from small children.

Artlist Collection The Pig Key Chain: The Pig Banana BoatJPN N/A sold
Artlist Collection The Pig Key Chain: The Pig ChocolateJPN N/A sold
Artlist Collection The Pig Key Chain: The Pig StrawberryJPN N/A sold

Shin Kougou, one of the female warriors from Sangokushi Taisen 3 is here to entice you. Although strictly speaking, she does not go into the field to fight your enemies, she lowers the stats of the strongest regiment you are up against, showing off her beauty all the while.

With waves of crimson fabric swirling about her, the queen of seduction is performing a dance. Completely loyal to the image on the card, drawn by Tobashi Kotomi, the figure features the queen's half-lidded, smoldering eyes, the carvings on the gold in her hair and her painted nails.

There are 2 versions available, the original crimson one and the pearly sheen edition:

Sangokushi Taisen 3 Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Shin Kougou (Normal Version)JPN N/A sold
Sangokushi Taisen 3 Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Shin Kougou (Pearl Version)JPN N/A sold

Anyone who found the monsters in Dragon Quest a pain to beat can let out your frustrations in the physical world. Crafted on a rounded bottom, these tiny trading figures feature monsters from the the slimes to the dragons. Line them up on your desk and beat them with one flick of a finger. How immensely satisfying!

After giving your destructive impulses a go, try world building. Also drawn by Toriyama Akira, Dragon Ball features some of the most fascinating places. The set has five locations, the martial arts tournament ground, Karin Tower, the Heavenly Temple, Capsule Corporation and Kame House.

The five worlds fit together like pieces of a 3D puzzle into one great Dragon Ball. Besides buildings, there are tiny figures such as Goku and Vegeta and a Ramune flavored candy in the packages.

Monster fighting and world building, the tiny toys are available for:

Dragon Ball Kai Panorama World Candy ToyJPN N/A sold
Dragon Quest Swinging Monster Mascot Non Scale Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPN N/A sold

After the series of Miku T-shirts and mugs, here is something a little more traditionally Japanese. Drink tea with the pale blue Nagi tea cups.

Just like the ones you see in anime, with a wavy, uneven surface, these cups are comfortable to hold during the winter and very pretty to look at as an ornament. Those who do not drink tea could use it as a stationery holder.

Nagi is daintily sweet, of course, and so is the background. The flowers, trees and the smoky breeze are drawn in brush painting style, adding an elegance to the delicate cup:

Kannagi Tea CupJPN N/A sold


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