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Pikopuri 2020 Spring

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Pikopuri 2020 Spring
Pikopuri 2020 Spring


Special feature on Atsume Animal Crossing. Also, pay attention to the appendix's notebook and stickers!

Miku "Pikopuri", which is perfect for elementary school girls who like games, has a special feature on "Atsume Animal Crossing Forest"!

・ Flow of the game after migrating to an uninhabited island. A basic game system such as DIY and how to put things. Mirage related items that are essential for gameplay.

・ Explanation of facilities such as airfields, Tanukichi shops, museums. Advice at the beginning of the game. Introduction of animals that can be encountered on the island. There are also 48 pages of special features that can be used to understand "Atsume Animal Forest". In addition, Rumi Shimokaze's 4-frame manga, "Doubou no Mori" related goods, "Doubutsu no Mori Pocket Camp", etc. are included in the "Doubutsu no Mori" special page totaling 64 pages!

Of course, the popular features of girls, such as "The Ranch Story Reunion Mineral Town," "Sumiko Gurashi," and "Disney Tsum Tsum Festival" are also featured. In addition, the game information of popular Nintendo Switch games such as "Yoshi's Craft World", "Pokemon Sword Shield", and "Hoshi no Kirby" is also perfect.

There are two appendices!

One is the Atsume Animal Crossing Benri Notebook. It is also useful for gameplay, such as writing the schedule from April 2020 and recording the animals that you met during the game.
It has a total of 132 pages, and the front cover is UV thickened, so it is also luxurious.

The other is the "Atsume Animal Crossing" special sticker! The animals that appear in the game are 53 stickers.
Please look forward to the game information magazine "Picopuri", which is perfect for elementary school girls.

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