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Pilot with Asuka: Evangelion Entry Plug, POP Eustass Captain Kid and Killer, Grandline Ladies Nico Olvia, Nico Robin, Grandline Children Sanji, Usopp, One Piece Colosseum Ace, Lucchi, Zoro & more!

Experience the impact of the new Evangelion boom. Asuka shows you the cutting edge technology in the entry plug. Brought to the real world by the figure creators of Dwell, the entry plug is sculpted to scale.

At an impressive length of 80 centimetres, the plug gives the artists ample space to demonstrate their artwork. The control levers are moveable and the screen above her head can be lighted up by the LED bulbs. Such sharp angles are softened by Asuka. The seat curves to her lines and her smile lights up the cold grey tones of the plug seat.

Your display case is the Evangelion mecha, and Asuka is coming to pilot it. This Entry Plug is for the true fan of the series:

Rebuild of Evangelion Entry Plug Interior Ver. AsukaJPN N/Asold

Hunt down the pirates. Because they are becoming more and more powerful as the series evolve. To bring out the aura of their force, the POP series is changing into a new form, and the first to come is one of the most wanted villains. Eustass Captain Kid. In this new figure series, his colours become more vibrant and his pose more dynamic.

You have to beware of the man in the mask. The Killer is near. He is lurking quietly in the POP series, waiting to strike. The Killer is one of Eustace Captain Kid's right hand men. This POP figure captures him in a moment of explosive action, with his sword at the ready and his hair tossing around him, he is ready to draw blood.

The Captain and his Killer are waiting for their act:

Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece Series NEO-DX 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: KillerJPN N/Asold
Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece Series NEO-Maximum 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Eustass 'Captain' KidJPN N/Asold

The sea isn't just the stage for men. Some exceptional ladies make their way, their fame and their fortune there. The Nico women have the ability to fight their enemies and the knowledge to empower the people from being trampled by the tyrants. Place these impressive ladies in your display shelf to show everyone that you have captured them.

The two are created according to key visuals in the series. Standing in the same pose, they look strikingly similar. They have the same determined eyes and the uncompromising stance. Like all figures in the Grandline series, their clothing and all their accessories are sculpted to perfection.

Capture the Nico family:

One Piece The Grandline Lady Vol. 2 DXF Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Nico OlviaASIA N/Asold
One Piece The Grandline Lady Vol. 2 DXF Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Nico RobninASIA N/Asold

Great people know what they'll become when they are children. Sanji has been training under a master chef on a cruise ship, and he has certainly grown into his uniform. The swirl of his brow set off the smugness of his grin. He looks like he can host his own cooking reality show if one day he decides to quit being a pirate.

Usopp has a long history of being a liar, but at the beginning, his nose is about regular size. Wearing his own Jolly Rogers sign on his bandanna, he is every bit the young pirate. Sometimes, lies can be entertaining. Take him to your display case and gather your figures around him to hear his tall tales.

Even children are heading toward the Grandline:

One Piece The Grandline Children Vol. 6 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: SanjiASIA N/Asold
One Piece The Grandline Children Vol. 6 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: UsoppASIA N/Asold

The strongest and the toughest of the guys show you what they are made of in the One Piece Colosseum Collection. They are all captured in their battle poses, all poised to release their most powerful attacks. Feel the cold edge of the blade, the heat from the flames and the sharpness of the warriors' gazes.

The painter is careful to introduce life-like skin tones to the men. Every sinew on the limbs are painted and every muscle bulges. The swords sparkle with a metallic glint and special powers, such as flames, are sculpted from clear PVC, so you can shine a light on it to see it glow.

Pit these guys in battle in the Colosseum:

One Piece Banpresto Figure Colosseum Pre-Painted PVC Figure: AceASIA N/Asold
One Piece Banpresto Figure Colosseum Pre-Painted PVC Figure: LucchiASIA N/Asold
One Piece Banpresto Figure Colosseum Pre-Painted PVC Figure: ZoroASIA N/Asold

The Uchiha family are made of powerful ninjas, but it seems like they are prone to falling to the dark side. Sasuke shows you his determination to the war effort by baring his chest. Holding the sword aloft, he looks like he is swearing to some cause. Standing on a triangular base, this figure can become a set with the other characters in the series.

Forming a set with Uchiha Sasuke is his brother Itachi, once the sworn enemy of Sasuke. One look at this ninja, you'd know that he has uncommon powers. Putting his hands together to drawn signs, he summons the explosive chakra from within him. At the brink of action, this figure captures the calmness before the storm.

The Uchiha brothers are looking for a new home:

Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Relation 2 DXF Pre-Painted PVC Figure: ItachiJPN N/Asold
Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Relation 2 DXF Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Uchiha SasukeJPN N/Asold

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